Poems from Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs



(Ecclesiastes 3:2,

Job 33:4, John 20:22)

A Time for Birth

A time for birth,

A time for death,

A time to feel

The Spirit’s breath.


(Ecclesiastes 3:5)

A Time to Lose

A time to lose,

A time to gain,

A time to hug,

Time to refrain.


(Ecclesiastes 5:16)

What Does He Gain?

As a man comes,

So he departs;

What does he gain

From work he starts?


(Ecclesiastes 6:5)

A Wise Rebuke

Better to heed

A wise rebuke

Than listen to

The song of kooks.




(Ecclesiastes 7:2)

The House of Mourning

Better to go

To mourn the least

Than venture to

The house of feasts.


(Ecclesiastes 7:18, 29)

He Who Fears God

He who fears God

Avoids extremes;

Man knows the right

But cooks up schemes.


(Ecclesiastes 11:13)

Respect the Lord

Respect the Lord;

Keep his commands;

This is the whole

Concern of man.


(Song of Songs 2:15)

The Little Fox

The little fox

Will spoil the vine;

Keep him out, or

You won’t have wine.