Evils of Socialism

Evils of socialism
Posted by CowGirlFromHell on Feb 10, 2011

Many do not understand a socialist society based on Karl Marx’s manifesto. Forty-five long-term goals to transform America are listed in the Congressional Record, pages A 34-35, Jan. 10, 1963. Look it up and compare then to what is happening in our country today.
All through history, individuals want to rule the world as they know it. Another few tried to oppose them while the majority remained uninformed, naive, or didn’t care. These behaviors have not changed.
The method to gain is consistent. Appeal to vulnerable groups with legitimate issues. Exaggerate those issues and establish a sense of hopelessness and anger turning citizens against each other. Mao in China, Stalin in Russia, Castro in Cuba, Hitler in Germany–all exploited the vulnerable to gain power.
Once in control, a socialist government results in suffering and failure. By guaranteeing equality of income, they destroy motivation and accountability. Even now government handouts encourage citizens to live off others’ hard work. Why do those seeking power promote diversity, yet do not recognize individual abilities, ambitions and successes?