Benghazi: a plot to exchange prisoners?

Benghazi: a plot to exchange prisoners?

Benghazi revealed
Benghazi revealed

With the 4 June, 2013 Washington Times article by Bill Gertz it was revealed that the Al Qaeda attack on Benghazi may have been more than an attempt to strike back at America for the killing of Al Qaeda’s commander in Libya by a drone strike while he was in Pakistan. The claim of Abdalluh Dhu al-Bajadin, an Al Qaeda weapons expert, was that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed by lethal injection during a botched attempt to kidnap him. The attack on the embassy being a cover for the real objective, the taking of Stevens prisoner. Al-Bajadin hinted at a high level prisoner exchange as being the motive.

This story supports and lends credibility to the allegations of ADM James Lyons (RET) made in his 7 March, 2013 op-ed piece in the Washington Times titled: “Lyons: Benghazi cover-up continues, nearly six months later”. Lyons wrote then “Was Stevens targeted to be killed, or was he supposed to be taken hostage in exchange for the return of the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman?” His surmising was prophetic . . . or, did Lyons have information from intelligence sources that gave rise to his question? Further, ADM Lyons confirmed the ability of the U.S. military to respond in a timely manner to the Benghazi attack.

ADM Lyons stated that there were two F16s on alert at the Aviano, AB in northern Italy that could have responded within 90 minutes of launch. With KC135 tanker support, the aircraft could have remained on station over the Mission at Benghazi all night, if necessary. ADM Lyons further confirmed the availability and existence of Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force 12, comprising 125-130 Force Recon Marines, at Sigonella NAS, Sicily. ADM Lyons further revealed the existence of a British security team at Tripoli that could have been called upon to aid the Tripoli security team led by LTC Gibson that was ordered to stand down before they could board a C130 to Benghazi. ADM Lyons further questioned the downgrading of security at the Benghazi Mission in the face of increasing intelligence and activity by even Libyan security personnel contracted for the Mission’s security.

Given the Obama Administration’s clear support of the Muslim Brotherhood’s destabilization of Northern and, now, western Africa, was there a Machiavellian plot to use Ambassador Stevens in a prisoner swap for the Blind Sheikh? Was this a “work around” to eliminate Congressional and public sentiment against the Blind Sheikh’s release from prison?

Given the Administration’s silence and obstruction over the Benghazi attack, including the sequestration and refusal to provide the location and availability of the Benghazi Mission survivors, the lack of transparency in the Administrations response to requests for records and testimony by Administration officials, the retribution against those State Department employees that did testify before Congress, the admission by Al Qaeda that the attack was cover for an attempt to kidnap the U.S. Ambassador for a high level prisoner exchange, and the allegations made on the part of ADM James Lyons (RET) predating the admission by Al Qaeda reported in the Washington Times on 4 June by 3 months lends an uncomfortable credibility to the allegations made by ADM Lyons. It certainly appears that there is a correlation between the diminished security at the Mission at Benghazi in the face of Ambassador Stevens requesting additional security in mid August, and the revelations of al-Bajadin on 4 June regarding the attack as a cover to kidnap Ambassador Stevens to effect a high level prisoner exchange.

Did President Barack Obama and SECSTATE Hillary Clinton conspire with the Muslim Brotherhood to deliver the Blind Sheikh to Al Qaeda by setting up an exchange resulting from a planned attack on the Mission at Benghazi to avoid Congressional and public scrutiny? By doing so, did our President and the Secretary of State violate their oath of office, conspire to aid and abet an enemy of the United States, cause the unnecessary deaths of 4 Americans, including Ambassador Stevens, and then lie to the American public and Congress as to the cause of the attack on the Mission at Benghazi? Was this all part of a cover up planned well ahead of time?

Note that the same day 9/11/2012 demonstrations at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt were allegedly protesting the same video. Who controls Egypt? The Muslim Brotherhood. There are too many correlations between what Gertz reports of al-Bajadin’s revelations about a kidnap plot and prisoner exchange, and what ADM Lyons alleges.

ADM Lyons and Mr. Bill Gertz have illuminated the real reason behind the Benghazi attack.

Now, the American public has to hold Congress responsible for revealing the truth by appointing a special prosecutor with full investigative and subpoena powers to force the production and interview of the survivors of Benghazi, Libyan and Egyptian officials, State Department and CIA personnel, including GEN David Petraeus and SECSTATE Hillary Clinton, all documents relating to Benghazi and the Cairo demonstrations, and any contact with the Muslim Brotherhood. Four dead Americans, and to date there is nothing other than Hillary Clinton’s facetious, arrogant retort to Congress: SECSTATE Hillary Clinton in response to questioning by Sen. Ron Johnson, R WI: “Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

SECSTATE Clinton has yet to ask the families of those who were killed and injured that night “what difference does it make?”

To keep faith with the American people and one’s oath and to honor our fallen heroes of that attack, that’s what “difference” it makes.

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