Obama Freed a Deserter for Whom Six Soldiers Died

Dept. of Yet-Another-Coverup

‘He willingly deserted’: Freed POW’s former platoon-mates call for him to face COURT-MARTIAL as they reveal how he left post.

Army made comrades sign gagging orders


Specialist Cody Full, 25, says Bowe Bergdahl is ‘a deserter at best, and a traitor at worst’
Specialist Gerald Sutton, 31, calls the newly rescued infantryman’s decision to desert his unit ‘premeditated’
Both men, who served with Bergdahl in Afghanistan, say he should be hauled into a military court to face the music
‘He’s not a hero. He’s not a good example,’ Full told MailOnline
‘This might be kinda severe,’ Sutton said, ‘but for desertion in time of war, the penalty can be up to death’
Bergdahl’s life has been under a microscope, with most accounts describing a soft-hearted infantryman who cared more for the Afghani people than he did for his Army mission
But Full says his odd demeanor also had a more worrisome side: Bergdahl asked one Army squad leader if he would be allowed to wear the face of his first Taliban ‘kill’ as a mask
Other platoon-mates of Bergdahl have told how they were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements by the army after he was captured