Stand up to Private Central Banking

“All over the world, people are standing up to these governments that are enslaved to these private central banks. . . . It looks like this whole model of govt. that the world has been under for the last century is beginning to collapse. Government by fraud, lie and deception simply will not work any longer in the age of the internet and the independent media.”

~Michael Rivero
June 4, 2014



George F. Will: When a president goes rogue

Obama Defends Himself
So I’m a rogue–
What will you do?
A liberal black,
I’m safe from you.
~Day Williams
When a president goes rogue
By Published: June 4


Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.), vice chairman of the intelligence committee, says the administration told him he would be notified about negotiations for the release of terrorists. He now says he cannot “believe a thing this president says.”