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Sarajevo Is The Fulcrum Of Modern History: The Great War And Its Terrible Aftermath

One hundred years ago today the world was shook loose of its moorings. Every school boy knows that the assassination of the archduke of Austria at Sarajevo was the trigger that incited the bloody, destructive conflagration of the world’s nations known as the Great War. But this senseless eruption of unprecedented industrial state violence did not end with the armistice four years later. In fact, 1914 is the fulcrum of modern history. It is the year the Fed opened up for business just as the carnage in northern France closed-down the prior magnificent half-century era of liberal internationalism and honest gold-backed money. So it was the Great War’s terrible aftermath–a century of drift toward Statism, militarism and fiat money –that was actually triggered by the events at Sarajevo.

~From Zero Hedge,

Sarajevo marks 100 years since WWI with concert

Those distant shots

Gladdened the Fed,

Which made more gold

When more were dead.

~Day Williams

Iraq War 3.0

Why must U.S.

Control Iraq?

Let people take

Their country back.

~Day Williams

Don’t be fooled. Keep in mind that the controlled press tags any group who fight against a U.S. puppet regime “rebels,” “extremists” or “terrorists.” Using the same terms, the British press in 1776 would have called George Washington’s Continental Army a bunch of terrorists.


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