Defending the Indefensible: How The NY Times Spins for Israel

Defending the Indefensible: How The NY Times Spins for Israel


Amnesty is one of three human rights organizations to speak out against trigger-happy Israeli forces in the past week. Human Rights Watch and Al Haq, a Palestinian group, also raised the alarm about the increasing violence against Palestinian civilians.

Amnesty’s report was titled, “No justification for deliberate attacks on civilians, unlawful killings by Israeli forces, or collective punishment of Palestinians.”

Poems from “Light of Day”

Grow in Grace

Grow in the grace

And knowledge of

Our Savior-Lord,

Who died for love.


Light of Day cover light rays b

The Man Who Bled

That man who bled

And died for me

Was clad in flesh

From Galilee.


Come to the Cross

Come to the Cross,

O Christian man:

Confess thy sins

And seek His plan.

Poems from “Light of Day”


You’ve Won
Great Victories
God gives his king
Great victories
And heals the sick
From their disease.

In Freedom
In freedom we
Will see Christ reign
No tragedies,
No tears, no pain.


That All Be Saved
Though some will drown
Beneath their waves,
The Savior came
That all be saved.

Though some will drown
Beneath their waves,
The Savior came
That all be saved.
Lost Desire

You’ve lost desire

For Spirit fire;

Let Him love you

And take you higher.


Bear the Cross

You have to bear

The cross each day,

Stay true to God,

And keep His way.



God’s Call

I hear God’s call;

There I must go;

What will befall,

I do not know.


Light of Day cover light rays b

Bill and Hillary Clinton History in Arkansas – Mena connection

Arkansas was the US end of the guns and drug -running operation that covertly supported the Nicaraguan Contras against the Sandanistas (1980’s).
Everyone on the pipeline made a fortune from the cocaine smuggled back into the US by the CIA and sold on the streets of America to fund the operation.
Bill and Hillary Clinton, ensconced in the Arkansas Governor’s mansion, were right in the middle of it, as Bill had to sign the checks used to launder the drug money through the Arkansas Development Finance Authority.


Hillary Clinton E-mail Scandal — Espionage

Hillary email scandal

Michael Rivero’s theory: Similar to the Chinagate scam, where President Bill Clinton traded donations to his Foundation for sending state secrets to the Chinese, Hillary Clinton (while Secretary of State) illegally ran her own server with minimal security so that donors to the Clinton Foundation could take home state secrets.

Can you prove this theory wrong?

Poems from “Light of Day”

Tithing Works

Some starve although

They break their backs,

But men who tithe

Will never lack.

Light of Day cover light rays b

When Jesus Shed His Blood

When Jesus shed

His blood for me,

He saved me from



A Slew of Laws

A slew of laws

Won’t change men’s hearts;

For that you need

The Spirit’s art.