Michael Robinson

1981 High School Football Team Photo Leaves Little Doubt that Michelle Obama Was Born Michael Robinson

[Editor’s Note: August 15, 2014: A google search revealed that Michelle was first outed (as a man) in a story posted onJune 30, 2011 by Matthew Glosser at a web site called Christwire.org. I’ve reposted his original post.
Michelle was bornMichael LaVaughn Robinson and was a football player in both high school Photoshop Michelle(photo below) and won a scholarship as a linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers in his first year at college. al article and photos below. The Glosser article says that a former Obama staff member told him that Michael reportedly left school and had a sex change operation on January 13, 1983 (a significant date for satanists. Helena Stoeckley was also murdered on this date) and afterwards entered Princeton University (which is listed among the top eight universities in the USA with an acceptance rate of only 7%) as a female student, Michelle Robinson.
Many photos posted to the internet prior to the election were apparently Photoshoped to make Michael/Michelle appear to look like a female in his high school and college years. Don Nicoloff was the first to write that the vast majority of photos of young Obama and his “family” that were posted to the internet in 2007-2008, prior to the election, were completely faked and Photoshopped into existence.Note that there are no photos of Michelle when pregnant, nor do birth records exist for either of their children. Barack has the physical characteristics of an Indonesian man, and is not of African ancestry.]