John “Skippy” Podesta on Walnut Sauce

Fwd: Walnut sauce?

Your beloved messiah’s favorite hobby was spying on all his NATO buddies.

March 5: “Miracles of Jesus” (2/12) by Day Williams


The Miracles

Jesus began with water into wine
At the Cana wedding, and he healed the son
Of an official, drove a demon out,
Healed Peter’s mother-in-law, and he healed

The demon-possessed and sick at evening time,
Fulfilling prophecy, then said to Simon
To cast his net. Though Simon had his doubts,
He let nets down in water and the yield

Was so great the nets broke and boats began
To sink, and Peter on his knees said, “I’m
A sinful man,” then Jesus said that he
Would fish for men, so Peter dropped his nets

And followed Him, the one who cleansed a man
With leprosy and healed a man in his prime,
Servant of a centurion whose plea
Pleased Jesus with great faith that He not yet

Had seen in Israel, then Jesus healed
A paralytic, one his friends had lowered
Through a roof, and though Pharisees doubted
That Jesus could forgive his sins, “Take up

Your mat and walk,” He said–nothing concealed–
And the man walked, as Jewish leaders glowered.
Then on a Sabbath, He was not devout
Enough to satisfy their strange, corrupt

Minds, for He healed a man with withered hand,
Having told them that if they had a sheep
Fallen into a pit, they’d rescue it
Even on Sabbath Day, the day of rest.

“Is not a man more worthy than a lamb?”
He asked, but none of them did make a peep.
Soon afterwards, he made another hit:
A widow’s boy had died, but Jesus blessed

Her, raising him from death to life, so fear
Took hold of them and they gave God the glory
And said that a great prophet had arisen,
That God looked favorably upon his people.