Psalm Two



1 Why do the lands conspire and crowds

Connive in vain? 2 The kings of earth

Rise up and rulers band together


Against the Lord and his anointed,

Saying, 3 “Let’s break their chains and throw

Their shackles off.” 4 The One enthroned


In heaven laughs; God scoffs at them,

5 And he rebukes them in his anger

And scares them in his wrath while saying,


6 “I have installed my king on Zion,

My holy mountain.” 7 I’ll proclaim

The Lord’s decree: He said to me,


“You are my son; today I have

Become your father. 8 Ask me; I’ll

Make nations your inheritance,


The ends of earth as your possession.

9 You’ll break them with an iron rod;

You will dash them to pieces like


Pottery,” 10 so, you kings, be wise;

Be warned, you earthly rulers. 11 Serve

The Lord with fear and celebrate


His rule with trembling. 12 Kiss his son,

Or he’ll be angry and your way

Will lead to your destruction, for


In moments his great wrath can flare.

Blessed are those beneath his care.

Questions about Seth Rich’s Murder

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>>125947713 (OP)
Instead of screaming “CLINTON/PODESTA HAD RICH KILLED” we need to start asking questions.
>Can we trust the Rich Family spokesman Brad Bauman?
>Why was Brad Bauman LOLing on Twitter about the situation? (
>Police reports show Seth was still alive when EMS responded, what did he say?
>Where is the body camera footage from the police that were there?
>What is the HRC connection to Officer Robinson who responded to the scene of the crime?
>Why was Joe Capone (owner of the bar Seth left in an unusual state before he was murdered) in the White House days before Seth’s death?
>Were SEIU (DNCs biggest donor) nurses treating Seth upon arrival?
>Where is the laptop of Seth Rich?
Anyone with more questions to add/additional info please reply. We need big journalists asking these questions/raising awareness.


Message from Seth’s parents [Embed] [Embed]
police report