Art in Embassies Program

 Gosh, Elites, I hope that the Department of Justice and Interpol and other agencies don’t have an investigation going. It’s good thing you can trust EVERYONE you work with. You sure have to pay off a lot of people.
Oh well, if you can’t trust someone, you simply have them killed incident to a robbery, right? Or they can be “suicided.” Yes, you have all the bases covered. None of you ELITES will ever go to prison for your felonies. . . . Right?

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James Alefantis and the Comet Ping Pong Link

The Transformer Gallery hosts an annual silent auction, but few have picked up on the detail that every auction requires the transportation of art from another country that we can now know is shipped through diplomatic channels and part of the same larger network of diplomatically-exchanged art. Per the Gallery program:

This is the 13th Annual Auction and a celebration of Transformer’s 15 year anniversary. The Italian Ambassador is our diplomatic chair this year – highlighting year long collaboration with the Italian Embassy in D.C., and artistic exchange with artists and art spaces in Rome and D.C.

From BrightestYoungThings

There’s more than 175 works up for silent bidding this year – I think we actually have 190 works! We say this every year – but I truly feel this is our best selection of work up for bidding yet.

Connection to Skull and Bones

Alefantis’ connection to Skull and Bones is rather subtle, but it’s telling that all news media has reported Alefantis’ role as an event organizer for this group. This is two-pronged. First, he coordinates events with the Sackler Freer gallery owned by the Opium family. Secondly, regular Comet performer Kid Congo Powers is married to the curator of the Yale University Art GalleryVimeo. You know, the former headquarters of Skull and Bones.

Kid Congo powers performs with DJ Baby Alcatraz, sometimes at Planned Parenthood eventsJPG. Remember DJ Baby Alcatraz was the one who owned what appeared to be Pizza Map near Marfa.

Kid Congo Powers, former member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, shows a few suspicious habits on his Tumblr:Imgur Album

  • Making Erudite references to actual Illuminati members and strange comments about the tomb at the Skull and Bones headquarters.
  • Wearing an Illuminati-themed Jacket
  • Showing up at Transformer auction around ambassadors
  • Vampire Teeth, and references to pizza and blood

We can’t forget Alefantis’ hosting of the Roosevelts and CFR-connected reporters like Wolf Blitzer. The fact that he and Dozoretz are closely linked in hosting these parties, and that major news networks seem just as involved in the afterparties, there’s no question why the entire Beltway wanted to shut this all down.

Note that you see the exact same pattern with Susan Alefantis and the Chris Kloman case. Those who defended Kloman include CFR-connected anchors like Charlie Gibson and Clinton cronies like Ken Starr.

Uribe and the Colombian connection

The Colombian ambassador to the United States worked for a law firm that, around the time that Comet Ping Pong first became a household name, became involved in a case of satanic abuse homicide in Bogota. The murder of Yuliana Samboni by Rafael Uribe would not be so intriguing were the diplomatic chair at Alefantis’ 10th annual Transformer Gallery auction not connected to the same law firm as the assailant.

The blog ‘Blueberry Perspective summarizes the link very well. Alefantis has political ties to the same colombian oligarch family where the rich architect son is involved in a satanic ritual abuse case with other people of a rape and murder of a seven year old poor girl, and it’s being covered up in the colombian media, and by the colombian police, and colombia is a country that at the same time has the clinton foundation, carlos slim and frank giustra heavily involved in raping the natural resources, fake foundation activities, that all deal with youth and children, and banking regulations, are tied to haiti, robbing oil money killing union leaders and workers rights abuses, running illegal investment slush funds, etc

Art world connections

The reason that the wealthy run art galleries is that they have a lot of money and want to engage in improving civic culture. That would be all fine and dandy if nearly every major family involved in the Skull and Bones network seems to have a connection to this Shipping lines. James Alefantis, in a sense, works for the Maccoby family because of their links to the Folgers, one of the families involved in FAPE.

The Folgers are heavily involved in the so-called Skull and Bones power circle, and they share both the credentials of being an early connecticut settler family and having an ancestor who was ambassador to Belgium. Notice Alefantis’ proximity to the Folger family. From this Voat Post:

The Folgers are a secret power elite family since at least the administration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Lee’s mother is Barbara Sue (Bitsy) McElroy.[8] She was the daughter of Harvard’s Neil H. McElroy, former president of the multi-million dollar corporation, Procter & Gamble, and October 9, 1957, appointed President Eisenhower’s Secretary of Defense. Neil’s grandmother was Mary Camilla Fry of England- baroness, suspected British Knighthood bloodline lineage.[9]

Neil’s father is financial advisor Lee Merritt Folger– a child sacrifice (Moloch, also spelled Molech) pagan member of the Bohemian Grove.[10] Lee’s father was investment banker, John Clifford Folger (1893-1981), U.S. Ambassador to Belgium (1957-59)- Alfalfa Club.[11] The Folgers are descendants of Peter Folger. Peter was an early 17th century English settler of Martha’s Vineyard.

Ellen Susman & Pay 4 Play

Texas Democrat writes to John Podesta asking to be Ambassador to New Zealand after her and her husband donate to HRC. This fits in line with the pay-to-play allegations surfaced by Guccifer 2.0, when he released the ambassador names and the amounts paid to Obama/HRC to get an ambassadorship.

But what’s more interesting is the Ellen Susman sits on the 2015-2016 National Leadership Board of the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas.

Not everyone wants a gilded posting in a European capital. Ellen Susman, a Texas philanthropist who contributed $100,000 to the “super PAC” supporting Mr. Obama, has alerted people involved in the decision-making of her interest in serving as director of the State Department’s Art in Embassies program, responsible for managing the art collection that hangs in American embassies around the world.

Amman, Jordan

But the Transformer gallery not only takes art in from other countries, but also ships the art outward, as well. The presence of art by Matt Sesow, the artist involved in several Transformer auctions and who once painted an uncanny ‘cumpandaJPG’, was featured in a Jordanian art exhibit. Notice the imagery of the gallery and it’s pederastic “Da Vinci Children’s Exhibition” and the all-seeing eye out front.

An interesting tidbit to add is that a Syrian diplomatic cable showcases one of the Jordanian gallery’s exhibitions (Wikileaks – A Shout Out From My City), and explains that the exhibition occurred under the patronage of the Ambassador to France. What is important to note is that the auction at the Transformer gallery hosted by James Alefantis was always patronized by a guest ambassador, who made a special art donation to the gallery. Is it proof that he’s smuggling children? No. But does it prove that his connections—including to the Rockefeller’s through Luzzatto, to the Rothschilds, to Skull and bones.

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This is hugely commendable research. Thank you.

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Great post. “One initiative involved working more closely with U.S. businesses that owned large art collections in order to facilitate their exhibition overseas. More spectacularly, the State Department established the Art in Embassies program in 1964, which sought to turn U.S. embassies into small art galleries.” – Fall-Out Shelters for the Human Spirit: American Art and the Cold War By Michael L. Krenn

The Art in Embassies program also links back to the Pilgrims Society and Racine, Wisconsin.

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Well James Alefantis is probably a Rothschild…

James Achilles Alefantis Great Grandfather was Evelyn Achille de Rothschild (1886-1917) ?

How James Achilles Alefantis family tree would look:

View the Rothschild Genealogy:,12


Looks familiar…

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“James Achilles Alefantis Great Grandfather was Evelyn Achille de Rothschild”

Evelyn Achille de Rothschild was English but JA’s family tree around that time puts his ancestors in Buffalo New York. Why would a Rothschild spend time in Buffalo New York circa 1914-15?

Kid Congo Powers, former member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, shows a few suspicious habits on his Tumblr:Imgur Album

^^^that specific image comes directly from website AKA Heavy Breathing which is Comet Ping Pongs favorite band with Amanda Kleinman.

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This is by far the best post in months. Bravo!

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Thanks. There’s a lot more to this that I didn’t cover. There are several Comet Ping Pong/Transformer Gallery duplicates around the world. You can find these networks because they do auctions together.

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Gagosian is an oversight to say the least, considering he was busted for actual sex trafficking

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It’s a great post! Thank you for Exposing this!

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Amazing post! I’m telling you Jeff Koons is the centerpiece to this all. He was the centerfold of this weeks Vogue. We should launch a hashtag #BoycottLVMH since they recently launched a line with Koons, who was accused by his wife of raping his own child. This will get mainstream attention.

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Yes. Conde Nast (Vogue’s owner/Reddit’s former owner) is deeply involved in event organizing for this group.

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i can’t even begin to tell you how much i loathe koons & have since i saw his crappy art in the 90’s. now you say he’s a pedo? that just figures man. this is a great post from op, sheesh, so depressing.

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I’ve been following this story since r/pizzagate and knew the name Koons through that.

Recently a friend went to Tasmania and came back talking about the Museum Of New Art and a Jeff Koons piece in particular.

The story behind the MONA is that the founder made lots of money on blackjack and then decided he wanted to start the museum out of the goodness of his heart. I find that story to be quite suspicious but don’t really know where to start in digging into his story. Just figured I’d put it out there for anyone reading.

YES !!!

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Astounding connection and I do believe you’ve probably hit the mother lode. Just an amazing collection of epiphanies from understanding a possible trafficking route and venue (most DEFINITELY for illicit substances) to an angle on Aaron Swartz’s death and more, great work.

Huge upvoat.

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This is 100% Skull and Bones. Not simply that they’re mostly Yale/Connecticut globalists–the family links are unmistakable. People need to understand how connected the Comet Ping Pong gang is to this operation.

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Exactly. I see you mentioned Sussman, another important connection here. “They’re mostly Yale/Connecticut globalists” – my sources tell me that the island retreats of Vinalhaven and North Haven where the Turner Farm and Nebo Lodge are provide exclusive ‘services’ and mk-ultra training.

“Donald Sussman, another big Clinton Foundation donor, who resides in the secluded and uber elite islands off the coast of Maine with worldwide personalities that have had a wide array of influence over the panopticon of international economics and politics like Prescott and currently Neil Bush, The Dupont’s and IBM’s Watson. His art tastes are as big as his wallet, I wonder how interested he is in the styles of art like those of James Alefantis, Tony and John Podesta?”

And of course we have the Aaron Dover saga:

I have insider information on a global money laundering syndicate of hedge funds and IBs linked to the Clinton Foundation -by AaronDover

“I was a partner in a hedge fund owned by Donald Sussman one of Clinton’s main backers in the election and the “godfather of the hedge fund industry”. I have vast amounts of information on fraudulent financial markets which are fronts for dollar payments between criminal groups. The figures we are talking about are billions of dollars PER DAY in transactions going through these markets. The markets are operated by the Crown. I need to get in touch with researchers who can use my information. Please can you get in touch if you want to discuss this info. I have plenty of documents proving what I have to say. I was gagged by the High Court of the UK from sharing this info but my current circumstances place me outside their jurisdiction. PDF VERSION: My Witness Statement to the High Court Regarding a Worldwide Crown Money Laundering Syndicate.”…tFinal.pdf

RIP Hampstead Researcher/Activist Aaron Dover Dead Aged 42

A bit of news today, Aaron Dover, who wrote this piece here on has been reported as having died by The Times, UK. Aaron was a student at the same Christchurch primary school in Hampstead, London that Ella Gareeva’s children attended and testified about having been complicit in their abuse. Aaron’s mother, Jenny Dover, worked at the school as well as the Tavistock Centre in Hampstead apparently.

To see more:

The Sandler Foundation, D.Sussman, Pizzagate, Hampstead and the Death of Aaron Dover

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Connecticut is a CIA bedroom. Even Comey had to move there when he became head of the “FBI”, which is in reality under Homeland Security.

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@swordfish69 This post would surely fit the top 3 publicity project, it’s a great piece of information. So in practice Podesta & co. can send anything to anywhere, passing securities in the countries in this program. Whoa.

edit: (this submission)

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To note:

Former Portuguese ambassador Elizabeth Bagley is also part of the Art in Embassies program.

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Isn’t Elizabeth Bagley the person Obama brought into the NSC at some point it made people mad because of innacurate info she provides?

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If I were a Voat owner or admin I’d be freaking out as Podesta and the child rape ring stop at nothing to shut this down. Podesta’s pulled the “Russia” narrative straight from Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals as pre-emptive strike on pedo investigation.

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Great observation. Hillary is a fan Alinsky also.

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Not only was Hillary a fan she did her senior thesis on Alinsky!!

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FYI, so is the owner of Daily Kos. He “literally” wrote his own book paying homage to Saul Alinsky.

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I think this an excellent post. I believe there is a lot more than art being shipped back and forth across the pond. It could be kids, drugs, money? Take your pick.

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Think deeper.

Clinton + illegal plane shipments + embassy scandals.

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Armaments and maybe beautiful little blond blue eyed girls like Madelaine McCann for the Sultan, no?

[–] Dressage2 3 points (+4|-1) ago

Running arms? Benghazi? My head hurts thinking all the shit the Clintons are into.

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While their corporate headquarters are in Manhattan, Masterpiece International:!search/profile/company?companyId=66439155&targetid=profile

has other locations which are interesting like West Palm Beach and Miami Beach; places famous for all kinds of “cargo” so bypassing security is very convenient for them. Here is the list of offices:

The founder of this shipping outfit is David B. Epstein (his genealogy is scrubbed as it that of Jeffrey Epstein so I couldn’t see if they might be actually related. Not much about David on the web, but there’s this:

(Of course there are other David Epsteins like this guy: but that’s another story. The middle initial is important.)

When I noticed that Masterpiece International has a business relationship with the largest shipping container firm in the world which is 49% owned by the govt of Israel, then it got interesting. You can see ZIM on this rate increase PDF from Masterpiece Intl:

and on this sample bill of lading (scroll down):

About ZIM:

ZIM is global, even has a port in Turkey:

Information that ZIM moved radioactive remains of WTC and sold this “steel” to China had been completely scrubbed, but most people have heard of them because they broke their lease to get out of the WTC before 9/11, losing $50K in the process.

The Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. moved their North American headquarters from the 16th floor of the WTC to Norfolk, Virginia, one week before the 9/11 attacks (VIRGINIAN-PILOT, 9/4/2001). More than 200 workers had just been moved out; about ten were still in the building making final moving arrangements on 9/11, but escaped unharmed. (JERUSALEM POST, 9/13/2001; JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, 10/18/2001) There’s a lot on that topic, but here’s a link with documentation: When ZIM moved out of WTC, an Israeli moving company occupied their floors but escaped unharmed on the big day as well. [How many Muslim owned companies moved out of the WTC complex just before Sept. 11, 2001? 0]

A year later, ZIM was busted with US/Israeli weapons heading to Iran:

So, crime scene evidence, armaments, what else?

The closer to the top of the pyramid, the more interconnected it all is.

Don’t forget that all major art transactions are highly suspect and that “modern art” which is a farce, at best, is without value but is great for money laundering. See Miles Mathis excellent paper on this topic here:

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My bet is that Masterpiece is involved with shipments for ArtBasel Miami, an event that I know Alefantis/DC ring regularly attends.

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It certainly looks like it. have another upvote

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Excellent research, wow. Should definitely FOIA these flight logs

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Thanks, right back at you.

ZIM is so huge, it is unimaginable. the guys who own the controlling interest in that company are definitely involved in human trafficking but so much has been scrubbed, particularly in the past seven months or so. When I look at my saved links most of them are dead now. Guess how rich these guys are (from their now skeletal Wikipedia article, which used to have pictures of them); do you think they qualify as “elites”? :

“This prompted speculation that the Ofer brothers might have been helping the Israeli security services spy on Iran”. Three guesses who killed the old man and why:

Now it’s the brothers:

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While their corporate headquarters are in Manhattan, Masterpiece International:!search/profile/company?companyId=66439155&targetid=profile

has other locations which are interesting like West Palm Beach and Miami Beach; places famous for all kinds of “cargo” so bypassing security is very convenient for them. Here is the list of offices:

Not the Palm Beach POTUS lives at, and Jeffrey Epstein right? Naw lol.

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Investigate ArtBasel Miami