Figure it Out

    1. Educating Liberals

      President Trump has expressed his concerns over Iran oppressing their citizens multiple times today. Obama paid the terrorist thugs over 1.7 billion cash without congressional authority. Not hard to see who supports terrorism.

The Nine Supremes

U.S. Supreme Court

The Nine Supremes

A judge can’t have an outcome that’s preferred,
Roe: wrongly judged and should be overruled,
Time to see what we share as citizens,

People are great in many different ways,
Law should protect your basic liberty,
None of you speaks for me; I speak for me;

Dissenters write opinions for tomorrow,
The work of liberty is never done,
Remember that no one succeeds alone.

Alito, Roberts, Thomas, Kagan, Breyer,
Gorsuch, Ginsberg, Kennedy, Sotomayor:
The Nine Supremes breathe life in Founders’ words.

~Day Williams

Name Above All Names


Deliverer, Immortal, Diadem,
The Sacrifice, the Heir of Everything,
The Chosen One, the Everlasting King,
Messiah, Ruler of Jerusalem,

The Light, the Advocate for those accused,
The Seed of Abraham, Child, Merciful,
Creator, First Begotten, Wonderful,
Good Shepherd, Faithful Witness, Stone Refused,

The Mediator, I AM WHO I AM,
The Life, the Priest, the Rock, Emmanuel,
Beloved, Prince of Peace, the King of Israel,
Propitiation, Gift of God, the Lamb,

Foundation, the Beginning and the End,
The Bread of Life, my Savior and my Friend.


~Day Williams

So Sorry


Sorry haters but in year one Trump didn’t do anything you said he would Didn’t start WWIII Didn’t eliminate women’s rights Didn’t eliminate minority rights Didn’t fire Mueller Didn’t aid Putin Didn’t ignite trade war Didn’t cause a recession Didn’t crash stock market

Smuggles Phones and Radios to Iranians

  1. Trump: Iran, the Number One State of Sponsored Terror with numerous violations of Human Rights occurring on an hourly basis, has now closed down the Internet so that peaceful demonstrators cannot communicate. Not good!