Clean Up the FBI

Tucker Carlson: The point is clear: the is out of control and not just in the investigation. An agency charged with enforcing the law clearly considers itself above the law. That’s a threat to you, and every American, no matter who you voted for.

  1. FMR U.S. Attorney: is the dirtiest cop in America and he ruined the ‘s reputation. The bureau was politicized by Comey and it is in real trouble

FBI, Clean House or Someone Will Do It for You

Judicial Watch:

  1. After the infamous Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting, a frantic scramble erupted in the halls of the FBI to cover it up. The FBI was concerned not about the scandalous meeting itself, but was instead focused on one of the whistleblowers who got the word out.

“pretty low down”

    1. Charlie Daniels:

      From my redneck hillbilly point of view, its pretty low down for a former president to criticize a current president in a foreign country, but I shouldn’t be surprised, after his apologizing for America in foreign countries when he was first elected.


      Barack Obama considers most Americans no better than the dog shit he scrapes off the sole of his shoe.