So let’s talk about abortion

So let’s talk about abortion


Conversations about abortion take place on many different levels, including medical, legal, political, and moral.

Most lawyers would agree that the constitutional basis for legalized abortion is flawed, and that Roe v. Wade is the perfect example of the ends justifying the mind-numbing means.  Justice Harry Blackmun wanted to protect his friends in the medical profession from criminal prosecution.  He figured that he could gain points with women in the process.  So he essentially created a right to a medical procedure out of penumbras. Not exactly a stellar moment in constitutional history.  And if you don’t believe me, just ask Ruth Bader Ginsberg, no shirk in the ACLU-NOW-NARAL department. Justice “G” criticized the method (if not the madness) of Roe.

Our two parties no longer represent US citizens


Our modern problem is that our two parties no longer represent US citizens for the most part and have no interest in governing. They can’t even govern their own borders. Hence the rise of personalities such as Trump – which will become a stronger trend moving forward.

Jesus Wept

(John 11:33-35)

Jesus Wept

He told them that

Lazarus slept;

They showed the tomb

To him: Jesus wept.

~Day Williams



Obstruction of Justice

Thomas Paine:

Don’t Trust the FBI

Thomas Paine:

How can anyone of sane judgment trust the FBI after the lies it has fed to the American public about the Las Vegas massacre? That’s just one example. SMH.