Zechariah Chapter Twelve


1 This is God‘s word concerning Israel.
The LORD, who stretches out the heavens, who
Places the earth’s foundation, and who forms

Man’s spirit in him, says: 2 “I’m going to
Make for Jerusalem a cup that sends
Surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will

Suffer a siege, as will Jerusalem.
3 On that day, when earth’s lands combine against
Her, I will make Jerusalem a rock,

Immovable, for all the nations. Those
Who try to move it will impair themselves.
4 On that day I will strike each horse with panic,

Its rider with insanity,” declares
The LORD. “I’ll keep a watchful eye upon
The house of Judah, but I’ll blind the horses

Of nations. 5 Judah‘s leaders will then say within
Their hearts, ‘The people of Jerusalem
Are strong, because the LORD Almighty is

Their God.’ 6 “On that day I will make the leaders
Of Judah like a firepot in a woodpile,
Much like a flaming torch among the sheaves.

To right and left they will consume the peoples
Around them, but Jerusalem will stay
Intact in her place. 7 “God will save the dwellings

Of Judah first, so that the honor of
The house of David and Jerusalem’s
Inhabitants may not be greater than

Judah‘s. 8 On that day will the LORD shield those
Residing in Jerusalem, so that
The weakest in their midst will be like David,

And David’s house will be like God, yes, like
The Angel of the LORD who goes before
Them. 9 On that day I will set out to ruin

The nations that attack Jerusalem.
10 “And I will pour out on the house of David
And on Jerusalem’s inhabitants

A spirit, one of grace and supplication.
They’ll look on me, the one whom they have pierced,
And they will mourn for him as one who mourns

An only child, and they’ll grieve bitterly
For him they way one grieves a firstborn son.

11 On that day weeping in Jerusalem
Will be enormous, like the weeping of
Hadad Rimmon in the Megiddo plain.

12 The land will mourn, each clan all by itself,
Their wives all by themselves: the clan for house
Of David and their wives, the clan of house

Of Nathan and their wives, 13 the clan of house
Of Levi and their wives, Shimei’s clan,
Their wives, 14 the other clans, their wives, as planned.


The CIA’s 60-Year History of Fake News: How the Deep State Corrupted Many American Writers

  1. The CIA’s 60-Year History of Fake News: How the Deep State Corrupted Many American Writers


    When news broke that the CIA had colluded with literary magazines to produce cultural propaganda throughout the Cold War, a debate began that has never been resolved. The story continues to unfold, with the reputations of some of America’s best-loved literary figures—including Peter Matthiessen, George Plimpton, and Richard Wright—tarnished as their work for the intelligence agency has come to light.

    Finks is a tale of two CIAs, and how they blurred the line between propaganda and literature. One CIA created literary magazines that promoted American and European writers and cultural freedom, while the other toppled governments, using assassination and censorship as political tools. Defenders of the “cultural” CIA argue that it should have been lauded for boosting interest in the arts and freedom of thought, but the two CIAs had the same undercover goals, and shared many of the same methods: deception, subterfuge and intimidation.

    Finks demonstrates how the good-versus-bad CIA is a false divide, and that the cultural Cold Warriors again and again used anti-Communism as a lever to spy relentlessly on leftists, and indeed writers of all political inclinations, and thereby pushed U.S. democracy a little closer to the Soviet model of the surveillance state.


Charlie Daniels: Morning prayer

Charlie Daniels:

Morning prayer Lord we thank you for giving us another year of life. We know that every breath, every heartbeat, every step we take and all the things that sustain us are a gift from You. Help us to approach this new year with a hopeful and thankful heart.

Mandalay Bay Massacre: Fishy