The Left’s Double Standard

  1. I remember the biggest part of the DNC agenda in 2016 was to raise hourly wages for the middle and working class. Walmart was used as the example multiple times Now this has happened Nancy Pelosi claims its Armageddon Because Trump did it FISA


    The Left needs to find some principles and stick with them, rather than knee-jerk condemning everything Trump does.


The Left’s Double Standard: because it’s Trump, police-state tactics are celebrated

  1. Dan Bongino:

    If George W. Bush had been in office when a bogus counterintelligence investigation was opened up on the Obama campaign team, the media, and liberals, would be demanding perp walks. But, because it’s Trump, police-state tactics are celebrated. This is total BS.


    The Left has no foresight. They don’t understand that if you let this go, their political opponents could use such tactics against them.

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