Sandy Hoax

United States Post Office in Newtown, CT:

I cannot thank you enough in having an employee that after four years of the sandy hook Elementary School shooting story is finally sharing the truth.

All it took is for a patriotic Postal employee who still loves their country to send me a picture copy of the Change of Address and the Forwarding address for Sandy Hook Elementary School that used to be located at 12 Dickenson Drive, Sandy Hook Ct.

The Forwarding address shows 375 Fan Hill Road, Monroe, CT– changed long before the supposed tragic shooting took place.

So what does that mean for our United States Post office in Newtown, CT?  A government agency who failed to report the crime knowing that they NO longer delivered the mail to 12 Dickenson Drive in Sandy Hook, CT.  Why did they not report the crime knowing that they’re part of it?

All of the other postal workers who lacked the courage, knowing that the mail was longer being delivered to the Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12 Dickenson Drive also knew that the Shooting on Dec 14, 2012 could not have taken place, therefore lying to all of America and the World.

I have a huge Civil Lawsuit filed against me by six parents of Sandy Hook who lost a child at that school on Dec 14, 2012?

How is that possible when the United States Post office in Newtown, CT no longer provides the mail to that 12 Dickenson Address but forwards it to 375 Fan Hill Road in Monroe, CT

Who allowed and authorized that to take place in a United States Post office?

All of the pieces of the puzzle are now filing in place because now businesses who used to deliver to 12 Dickenson Drive are now also coming forward with Invoices, billing records all mailed through the United States Post offices.

I am so happy that I have this huge Civil Lawsuit filed in CT because I can now as a defendant take the deposition of the Postmaster in Newtown, CT.


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