50 Unanswered Questions Surrounding the Las Vegas Shooting


50 Unanswered Questions Surrounding the Las Vegas Shooting.

  1. If we are to believe Stephen Paddock is the sole perpetrator of the deadliest mass shooting in American history, then why do we still, after over 2 months, have zero evidence, picture/video of Paddock inside the Mandalay Bay during his nearly a week stay there?

  2. How was a 64-year-old man able to single-handedly knockout out 2 HURRICANE PROOF STORM WINDOWS with a hammer?

  3. Why the need for two separate broken windows, in two separate adjoining rooms, when both windows have the same vantage point?

  4. If we are to believe that Paddock was running back and forth between the two adjoining rooms, then why did the zebra 20 team, once inside 32-135, have to explosively breach the connecting door to gain entry into 32-134?

  5. Who locked the adjoining door between 32-135 & 32-134? It could not have been Stephen Paddock, as it would have been locked from the other side, and the body was found in 32-135.

  6. If there were no shots fired at the Bellagio, then who was the woman reported by control on the police scanner audio, to be inside Bellagio, whispering, and reporting that “suspects are inside with her . . .” and that she ” . . . can’t talk”?

  7. Why were there so many guns for 1 gunman?

  8. What type of guns were found?

  9. What were the serial numbers of the guns?

  10. Were bump stocks used or not?

  11. How many expended brass casings were retrieved in 32-135 & 32-134?

  12. What is/are the Caliber/round types used? Specific weapons fired?

  13. Why would Paddock go through so much trouble in planning and executing everything, bringing so many guns, ammo, armor, tools, computers, surveillance, explosives, etc., only to stop shooting way before the endgame, and commit suicide before even being confronted by authorities?

  14. Why were there “multiple cell phones” found in 32-135?

  15. Why were there “multiple laptops” found in 32-135?

  16. What happened to the Hard Drive to one of the laptops?

  17. Why would Stephen Paddock bring a laptop with no hard drive?

  18. Why were there “a lot of drills” found in 32-135? What purpose would or did the drills serve?

  19. Why did they find a cell phone charger that matched none of the other cell phones found in 32-135?

  20. What was the $100,000 wired to the Philippines for?

  21. Where did the leaked crime scene photos come from?

  22. What is the glove or bag around the left hand of the body found in 32-135?

  23. Did Paddock use the service elevator or not?

  24. Why is there no muzzle fire seen coming from 32-135 or 32-134 in any video?

  25. What was Stephen Paddock planning on doing with the bomb found in his car?

  26. Was Stephen Paddock planning on blowing up the fuel tanks at McCarren Airport?

  27. Why Did Stephen Paddock bother to bring body armor to the room, then not even bother to wear it?

  28. Why Did Stephen Paddock bother to bring body armor to the room, if he was just going to commit suicide?

  29. Why was Jesus Campos allowed to leave the country?

  30. Exactly what company does Jesus Campos work for?

  31. Why exactly was Jesus Campos on the 32nd floor? Daily Routine? Alarm? Door Ajar?

  32. Why does Jesus Campos sound so calm and casual for someone who was just shot in the leg, and dodged reportedly hundreds of bullets which came through the door of 32-135, as he reports the shots being fired?

  33. Why was Jesus Campos unlicensed at the time of the shooting?

  34. David Hickey, President of Jesus Campos’ Union, states licensing wasn’t required. Is this true?

  35. When Zebra-20 made entry into Paddock’s room one officer was reported to have fired one round, what was the target?

  36. Why was this fact not initially reported to the public, and why did it take the media a month to report this when it was clearly audible in the police scanner audio on Oct 1?

  37. Who was the “WMA” (White Male Adult) placed into custody from the RV in the Motel 8 lot?

  38. What were the contents of his bag(s) that were identified as “suspicious”?

  39. Who was responsible for guarding residence(s) of Stephen Paddock in Nevada, Texas, California and elsewhere?

  40. What was stolen from his home after it was burglarized? Why was the residence in Nevada left unsecured?

  41. Why the MAJOR discrepancy between initial statement regarding Security Officer Jesus Campos “disrupting” shooter, to the current description that he was shot/injured 6 full minutes prior to the attack on the concert region outside Mandalay Bay (Route 91 Harvest)?

  42. Exactly which room(s) was Stephen Paddock checked into, and when did he check in those room(s)?

  43. Was it paid for, or was it a comp’d room(s)?

  44. Who was officially checked into room 32-134? Brian Hodge states he was, although a hotel record has been produced, showing he was actually in another room. Was he just mistaken? Was he lying? Was he told to say this?

  45.  If Security, Maintenance AND off-duty LVMPD officers were present on the 32nd floor, prior to mass shooting, why the confusion as to what floor the shooting into the concert venue was coming from?

  46. Why has the media not acknowledged the car bomb incident at Luxor yet?

  47. Where did the reports of the shots fired from the 7th floor of the Mirage (2.8 miles away from Mandalay Bay) come from, well over an hour after the shooting at MB ceased??

  48. What information was extracted from Marilou Danley? Is she still a suspect? Why have we STILL not heard anything about her side of the story?

  49. Did anything come of the reported male with a gun in the bathroom at the Luxor, that can be heard on the police scanner audio?

  50. Where did the report of the “male walking into the employee entrance of the Bellagio with a rifle” come from?

This is nowhere near a complete list, please feel free to add your own. After staring at the same information for 2 straight months, I’m sure I’ve left some out.

19 points·6 months ago

What was on that yellow note on the table?

How was he using both bump stocks and bipods at the same time?

Who was the lady saying “your all gunna die” at the concert that the news reported on?

If reports say he “may not have left the room for 5-6 days”, then why are there multiple valet receipts?

The yellow note was shooting trajectories at least that’s what MSM said and I’ve seen zoomed in and it just looks like a bunch of numbers also. But they could just put it there.

It was reported that it was mathematical calculations of trajectories.

1 point·6 months ago

Yes I said that

1 point·6 months ago

You can easily use a bump stock and bipod. I don’t know if you could shoot down at that angle with one, but it could be possible. https://youtu.be/xGrvDsfzPrI

10 points·6 months ago

But the door that connects the two rooms were closed and locked on the police breach. You saying Paddock broke the other window for ventilation, then when ready for suicide, he went to the other room, locked it from that side, then went in to the hallway, re-entered the suite from the hallway, locked the door, then shot himself? Really???

1 point·6 months ago

yeah good idea but it wasn’t for ventilation. and it might get hot but that doesn’t affect the air.

-1 points·6 months ago

have you ever fired a gun. they don’t smoke.


“Number 3 is ventilation.”

Nice! That makes a lot of sense and also may explain why the in-room fire suppression didn’t get triggered.

If that is really the case, that is some devious planning on Paddock’s part. I remember reading something about how his internet search history was all about what the expected swat response would be… I wonder if he was also looking into the intricacies of shooting indoors or something.

It’s just a curious level of detail.

2 points·6 months ago

I believe one of the officers that went in with the ONE SWAT guy (because, apparently the other 19 couldn’t bother to show up) said on 60 min that there was a gun placed right at the door so he could just pick it up and start firing. Why would he go to all the trouble to do that and just kill himself? A guy who was looking into police response would be smart enough to listen to the scanner (which we all know was being publicly broadcast). He’d know they were still in the hallway.

1 point·6 months ago

. I remember reading something about how his internet search history

who ‘leaked’ this evidence to the public !?

was it the same person/org who ‘leaked’ the seemingly fake crime scene photos !?

its not from a ‘Paddock’ trial angle, as ‘Paddock’ is dead, but from a forensic angle and co-conspirator aspect. who paid ‘Paddock’ to mass murder or whatever.

I want to say the search history thing wasn’t a leak, It was LVPD info in a press conference when they were still doing those. Whoever leaked the photos and room service receipt though remains a mystery.

Whoever leaked the photos is definitely unknown, but the Room service receipt is no mystery. It was posted on an employees Facebook page: Tony Hernandez Armenta

The name is actually watermarked in the bottom of the original photo, but has been cropped out a lot.


4 points·6 months ago·edited 6 months ago

Number 3 is ventilation.

Perfectly logical explanation, which I have heard before, and it would make sense, but it brings up the questions, why was the adjoining door found locked, and needed to be explosively breached. Who locked the door?!

Didn’t they pave over the area that would have caught all the rounds?

I’ll try and research whether anything was paved over. I have heard this as well.

…With a bump stock

Also, just for the record, there is no proof yet provided, verifying bump stocks were used.


9 points·6 months ago·edited 6 months ago

Depending on the barrel length, projectile, etc. the bullets are going to have roughly 3-400 foot-pounds of energy at 450 yards, which is about the equivalent of a 9mm. Actually, it would be really similar to a .22 Magnum, because it’s a lighter bullet but it’s moving a lot faster, but that’s neither here nor there.

As you said, without hitting a vital organ, that’s not likely to kill someone except for a situation where they can’t get medical attention for hours and hours. And yet, 60 people were killed and roughly ten times that many wounded, but there’s no second shooter? Does not add up.

Tucker Carlson is still asking questions about Las Vegas and deserves our full support.

546 injured. 58 dead. Sounds like about a 10% mortality rate. Seems about right. To be fair I didn’t account for how many of those injuries were from people tripping or twisting an ankle etc. but still.


If you watch the entire events of the night, there were 12 bursts of fire. Some of them are long, like 100 rounds, but more are shorter, something like 30 rounds. So let’s give him the benefit of doubt and say he was able to fire 1000 rounds all together (very high estimate in my opinion). From 450 yards away using a bump stock (notoriously inaccurate even at close ranges) he was able to hit over 600 moving targets. Are you kidding me? If this really happened, Paddock would be the greatest shooter that ever lived.

Add to this that we know some of the bursts weren’t directed towards the crowd but towards the fuel tanks at the airport. Then, we’re talking a hit ratio of at least 80% from 450 yards away. My opinion is that this is the most absurd narrative ever given to the American public.


I suspect there were shooters on the ground with silencers taking quiet shots and then swapping out after about four or five shots. Plenty of people noted shooters at the Tropicana and other hotels.

Why would I assume he was only able to get off 1000 rounds? I heard more than that. Thanks.

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Don’t Put Your Trust in Mortal Men


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