Here are true words: If anyone desires

                    To be a leader in the church, he has

                    A good ambition. For a leader in


The church must be above reproach, and be

                    The husband only of one wife. He must

                    Not drink to excess, and he must not fight,


He must be kind, respectable, he must

                    Like entertaining guests and teaching Bible,

                    And must not be a money lover. He


Must see that his own family is well

                    Behaved and that his children do as they

                    Are told with speed and faithfulness. (For if


Anyone does not know how to take care

                    Of his own family, how can he take care

                    Of God’s church?) He must not be recently


Converted, or he may become conceited

                    And then fall under the same judgment as

                    The devil. He must also have a good


Reputation with the outsiders, so

                    That he will not fall in disgrace and in

                    The devil’s trap. In the same way, those who


Assist the leader must be men whom people

                    Respect, sincere, not men indulging in

                    Much wine, and not pursuing wrongful gain.


They must hold fast the deep truths of the faith

                    With a clear conscience. They must first be tested;

                    And if they pass the test, then let them serve


As deacons; and, in the same way, their wives

                    Are to be women worthy of respect,

                    Not gossipers but temperate and faithful


In everything they do. A deacon must

                    Have only one wife and must manage his

                    Children and household well. Those who have served


Well gain an estimable place and much

                    Assurance in their faith in Jesus Christ.

                    Although I hope to come and see you soon,


I’m writing you directions here so that,

                    If I’m delayed, you’ll know how people should

                    Conduct themselves in the Lord’s house, which is


Church of the living God, the pillar and

                    Foundation of the truth. Beyond all question,

                    The mystery of godliness is great:


He came in fleshly form, the Spirit did

                    Justify Him, the angels saw him, He          

                    Was preached among the nations, in His name


People believed, and He went on to fame.


CIA Secure Drop’s Orders: Attack Nunes


Q !A6yxsPKia. No.125 
[Past 24hrs – Nunes Attack]
Coordinated effort to silence/remove?
Notice a pattern?
Echo chamber conspiracy?
U.S. Air Force B-52 [Precision Bombs].