You then, my son, be mighty in the grace

                    That is in Jesus Christ, and things you’ve heard

                    Me say in front of many witnesses,


Entrust to trusty men who also will

                    Be qualified to teach these truths to others.

                    Endure your share of suffering with us


Like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No

                    One serving as a soldier gets involved

                    In worldly matters, for he wants to please


His ranking officer. Likewise, if someone

                    Competes athletically, he won’t receive

                    The victor’s crown unless he plays by rules.


The working farmer must be first to take

                    A share of crops. Reflect on what I say,

                    For God will give you insight in all this.


Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead,                 

                    David’s descendant, as my gospel says,

                    For which I suffer even to the point


Of being chained up like a criminal,

                    But God’s word is not chained, so I endure

                    Everything for the sake of the elect,


So they too may obtain salvation that

                    Is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory.

                    Here is a trusty saying: If we died


With him, we’ll also live with him; if we

                    Endure, we’ll also reign with him. If we

                    Disown him, he’ll disown us too; if we


Are faithless, he’ll stay faithful, for he can’t

                    Disown himself. Continue to remind

                    Them of these things. Warn them before the Lord:


Don’t argue over words; it is of no

                    Value, and only ruins those who listen.

                    Work hard so God can say to you, “Well done.”


Be a good workman, one who does not need

                    To be ashamed when God looks at your work,

                    One who can rightly use the word of truth.


Steer clear of godless chatter, for those who

                    Indulge in it indulge the sin of anger.

                    The things they say will spread and burn and hurt.


Philetus and Hymenaeus are in

                    The midst of them, for they have wandered from

                    The truth and say the resurrection has


Occurred already, and they have destroyed

                    The faith of some, and yet God’s truth stands firm

                    Like a great rock, like a foundation stone


That’s sealed with this inscription: “God knows those

                    Who are his,” and, “All who confess God’s name

                    Must turn away from wickedness.” Inside


A wealthy home are articles of gold

                    And silver, as well as some made of wood

                    And clay; some are for noble purposes


And some for lesser. If you stay away

                    From sin, you will be like an article

                    Of gold, made holy, so that Christ himself


Can use you for his highest purposes.

                    Run from the evil lusts of youth; pursue

                    Righteousness, faith, and love and peace, along


With those who call on God from a pure heart.

                    Don’t have a thing to do with foolish and

                    Stupid disputes, because you know they make


For quarrels– and the servant of the Lord

                    Must not be quarrelsome; instead, he must

                    Be gentle, patient teachers, not resentful.


Those who oppose him he must gently teach

                    In hopes that with the help of God they can

                    Turn off from wrong ideas and believe


The truth, come to their senses and escape

                    The tricks and double-dealing of the devil,

                    Who’s captivated them to do his will.


Self-Centeredness Reigns