Does Mueller kneel and kiss a statue of HRC every night?

  1. As we watched the Mueller advisory during the past year, it was very helpful in identifying corruption in government. The problem for the Democrats is that the road keeps leading to the House of Clinton. There is no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of .


    Mueller has zero interest in justice. His goal is to “get Trump,” who defeated his false idol.






Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by

                    The will of God, as to the life-promoting

                    Promise that is in Jesus Christ, to


Timothy, my dear son: Grace, mercy and

                    Peace from our Father God and Jesus Christ

                    Our Lord. I thank the Lord I serve as my


Ancestors did, with a clear conscience, as

                    Both night and day I constantly recall

                    You in my prayers. I long to see you, so


I may be filled with joy, for I recall

                    Your tears, and I have been reminded of

                    Your earnest faith, which first was living in


Lois your grandmother and in your mother

                    Eunice, and, I am sure, in you too. For

                    This reason I remind you to stir up


The gift of God, which entered you when I

                    Laid hands on you. For God does not give us

                    A spirit of timidity, but of


Power and love and a sound mind. So do

                    Not be ashamed to testify about

                    Our Lord, or me, his prisoner. But join


With me in suffering for the gospel, by

                    The power of God, who’s saved us and called us

                    To lead a holy life−not because we’ve


Done anything but due to his own purpose

                    And grace, grace given us in Jesus Christ

                    Before the start of time, which has now been


Revealed through the appearing of our Savior,

                    Christ Jesus, who has shattered death and has

                    Brought life and immortality to light


Through the good news, and of this good news I

                    Was made a herald, an apostle and

                    A teacher, which is why I’m suffering


The way I am–yet I am not ashamed,

                    Because I know the one I have believed,

                    And I’m convinced that he is able to


Guard what I have entrusted to him for

                    That day. Hold tightly to the pattern of

                    Sound teaching you have heard from me, with faith


And love in Jesus Christ. Guard well the good

                    Deposit God entrusted you with−guard

                    It with the help of he who lives in us,


The Holy Spirit. You know everyone

                    Within the Asian province deserted

                    Me, and among them were Phygelus and


Hermogenes. May God show mercy to

                    The house of Onesiphorus, because

                    He frequently refreshed me and was not


Ashamed of me in chains. Instead, when in

                    Rome, he searched hard for me until he found

                    Me: May the Lord grant that he will find mercy


From God upon that day! You know from us

                    How well he ministered in Ephesus.