Leftist Justice

Charlie Kirk:
Currently Paul Manafort is being held in a cell for alleged tax fraud but Muslim terrorist murders who trained kids to shoot up schools are walking free after their compound was discovered




(A psalm by David for Jeduthun, the music leader.)

A Prayer for Forgiveness


1 I told myself, “I’ll take care not

To sin by what I say, and I’ll

Muzzle my mouth  when evil people


Are near.” 2 I kept completely silent,

But it did no good, and I hurt

Much worse; 3 I felt a fire that burned


Inside me, and the more I thought,

The more it burned, until at last

I said: 4 “Please, Lord, show me my future.


Will I be gone soon? 5-6 You’ve made my

Life short, so brief the time means

Nothing to you. A human life


Is but a breath, and like a shadow

It vanishes; our struggles are

Senseless; we store up more and more,


Not ever knowing who will get

It all. 7 What am I waiting for?

Lord, I depend on you; 8 save me


From my own sins; don’t let fools sneer

At me.9 You treated me like this,

And I kept silent, never saying


A word;10 won’t you stop punishing

Me? For you’ve worn me down.11 You harshly

Punish us for our sins, and you


Consume our wealth like it is but

A moth; we’re but a breath; 12 hear, Lord,

My prayer. And hear my cry for help;


Do not be deaf when I cry out;

I pray to you: My eyes pour tears;

I’m but a stranger visiting


Your home the way my ancestors

Did, 13 so stop being mad at me

And let me smile again before


I’m dead and go to you, O Lord.”