Paul, servant of the Lord, and an apostle

                    Of Jesus Christ, according to the faith

                    Of God’s elect, and the acknowledging


Of truth that’s patterned after godliness;

                    In hope of everlasting life, which God,

                    Who cannot lie, did promise us before


The world began; but has in present times 

                    Revealed his word through preaching, pledged to me

                    By the command of God our Savior; to


Titus, my own son after common faith:

                    Grace, sympathy, and peace, from Father God

                    And the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. For


This reason I left you in Crete, so you

                    Should set aright the things that need it, and

                    Ordain the elders in each city, as


I had appointed you: An elder must

                    Be blameless, husband of one wife, with children

                    Who are believers, not accused of being


Reckless or disobedient, because

                    An overseer must be blameless, as

                    God’s steward; and not overbearing; not


Quick-tempered; not an alcoholic, not

                    A brutal man or one who seeks corrupt

                    Gain; rather he must be hospitable,


A lover of good people, sober, just,

                    Holy, restrained; and holding firmly to

                    The faithful word as he’s been taught, so that


He may be able by sound doctrine both  

                    Admonish and convince the critics, for

                    There are a myriad of wild and vain


Talkers and tricksters, ‘specially those of

                    The circumcision: Who should shut their mouths,

                    Who undermine whole households, teaching things


They should not teach for filthy money’s sake.

                    One of their group, even a prophet of

                    Their own, said, “Cretans always lie, they are


Demonic beasts and lazy gluttons. This

                    Testimony is true, so scold them sternly,

                    So that they may be sound in faith, and not


Pay heed to Jewish myths or to commands

                    Of men who disregard the truth. Now to

                    The pure all things are pure: but to defiled


And unbelieving people nothing is

                    Pure−and in fact, their minds and consciences

                    Are both defiled. They claim that they know God;


But in their words they disavow him, being

                    Detestable and disobedient,

                    Unfit for doing anything God meant.


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