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September 12: Space Travel

September 12
Space Travel

The very closest stars would require many years to visit, even traveling at the speed of light, which is impossible according to Einstein’s theory of relativity. Today’s fastest spaceships would require 200,000 years to travel to Alpha Centauri, our closest bright star. The energy required to send a hundred colonists to another star, as Frank Drake has pointed out, would be enough to meet the energy needs of the entire United States over a human lifetime. And these estimates are regarding nearby stars. When we consider the distances across the entire galaxy, and between galaxies, interstellar travel seems absolutely untenable.
~David E. Fisher, Strangers in the Night: a Brief History of Life on Other Worlds (1998) [Co-author with his son, Marshall Fisher].

There is a point of view among astronomical researchers that is generally referred to as the Principle of Mediocrity. . . . If the Sun and its retinue of worlds is only one system among many, then many other systems will be like ours: home to life. Indeed, to the extent that this is true, we should be prepared for the possibility that, even in the Milky Way galaxy, billions of planets may be carpeted by the dirty, nasty business known as life.
~Seth Shostak, quoted in “Do Aliens Exist in the Milky Way,” PBS web page for WGBH Nova, “Origins.”

Our German scientists are better than their German scientists.
~From the movie The Right Stuff

The idea that we shall be welcomed as new members into the galactic community is as unlikely as the idea that the oyster will be welcomed as a new member into the human community. We’re probably not even edible.
~John Ball in Joseph Silk, The Infinite Cosmos: Questions from the Frontiers of Cosmology (2006), p. 199


Day Williams created this graphic depiction of this letter.


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Panic in DC.
Bruce Ohr [in effort to save Nellie Ohr] testifying against Rosenstein, Yates, Lynch, and Comey?

“The Bridge” in Q-Land = Federal Bridge Certification Authority