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By Cassy Fiano-Chesser |


To make a wife for Adam, God spilled blood
By taking Adam’s rib, and Eden’s peace
Was sweet until they broke the law of God,
Who promised through another covenant
A seed to crush the serpent’s head. By faith
They left, the cherubim a flaming sign.

After the Flood, the rainbow was a sign.
God said to man, “Don’t eat your meat with blood
In it and do not kill,” so man by faith
In the Lord God Almighty would have peace
With Him and blessings in this covenant
Where Noah intervened for man with God.

Years later, Abraham was tried by God
Through sacrifice of Isaac as the sign
Of faith, the center of this covenant
In which in Isaac’s place a ram shed blood
As God commanded. Abraham gained peace
And blessings, for he showed unyielding faith.

After the plagues fell, Moses by his faith
Led the Israelites from Egypt, then God
Provided Ten Commandments that give peace
When followed, with the Sabbath Day a sign.
The Levites sacrificed the bulls, whose blood
Was confirmation of this covenant,

For blood must spill before a covenant
Will work. The Israelites, of faulty faith,
Failed to follow Mosaic law, and blood
Of bulls did not atone for sins. So God
Made David’s throne eternal, and the sign
Was the sun and the moon. Man failed, and peace

And land were lost to Roman ruler’s “peace.”
Now Israel had failed each covenant,
So God in grace and mercy gave a sign:
The virgin was with child. Not works, but faith
In Him would save a man, He taught, and God
Offered eternal life through Jesus’ blood.

I have sweet peace through Jesus Christ’s shed blood,
For man has a new covenant with God
And the Holy Spirit is the sign of faith.

--Day Williams

Land Of Never – Poem by Day Williams

The Land of Never

Have you ever been so clever 
You visited the Land of Never? 
“Never will I eat the foods that make me fat, 
Never will I say those awful words 
Like Heckedy Schmekedy drat, ” 
Or in a moment of practiced pique 
When your bottom’s fallen in the creek: 
“Never ever will I do that again, 
No horse could drag me through that glen, ” 
Or when your friend and you 
have a falling out, 
A spat where you cross your arms and shout, 
“That’s it, never will I be your friend! 
Never! Never! Never! The End! “… 
it’s not the end, 
now is it? 
You’ll eat the pie despite the pounds and zits, 
You’ll say some awful things 
Because they have a righteous ring, 
You’ll take that trip to somewhere far away, 
Smiling as you wipe off spray, 
You’ll call your friends 
And make amends, 
You’ll say, “Did I say ‛Never'”? 
For me that’s far too clever. 
Let’s take a walk 
Around the block, 
Pluck a dandelion on the fly, 
Pick out Orion in the sky. 
Whatever we may endeavor 
Let’s steer clear 
Of the Land of Never.” 
Day Williams



1 The LORD gave Moses laws to set before

His people: 2 “If you buy a Hebrew slave,

He has to stay your slave six years, but in

The seventh year you have to set him free,

Without a cost to him. 3 If he was single

When you bought him, he only must be freed.

If he was married when you bought him, both

He and his wife must be set free. 4 If you

Give him a wife, and they have children, only

The man himself must be set free; his wife

And children stay his owner’s property.

 5 If the slave loves his wife and children so

Much he won’t leave without them, 6 then you must

Take him before the judges, and he must

Stand by the door or doorpost at the place

Of worship, while his owner pokes a hole

Through one ear with an awl, which will make him

A slave for life, 7 but a young woman whom

Her father sold won’t gain her freedom in

            The same way that a man does. 8 If she does

Not please the man who bought her as his wife,

He has to let her be bought back. He can’t

            Sell her to foreigners, for this would breach

The contract that he made with her. 9 If he

Selects her as his son’s wife, he is to

            Treat her as his own daughter. 10 If the man

Marries another woman later, he

Has to continue to provide the food

            And clothing for the one he bought and treat

Her as a wife, 11 and if he fails to do

Any of this, he has to set her free

           For no cost.” 12 The LORD said: AThe punishment

For murder is an execution. 13 But

If you did not intend to kill a man,

            And I, the LORD, permit it to occur

Anyway, you may run for safety to

A place that I have set aside. 14 But if

            You plan ahead to murder someone, there

Is no escape, not even if you hold

On to my altar. You will be dragged off

            And killed. 15 And death is punishment inflicted

If you attack your father or your mother.

16 Death is the punishment for kidnapping,

            And if you sell the person you have kidnapped,

Or someone finds you with that person, you’ll

Suffer the penalty of death. 17 And death

           Is what the punishment is when you’ve cursed

Your father and your mother. 18 Now suppose

That two of you were arguing; you hit

            The other with a rock or with your fist,

But you don’t cause a fatal injury.

19 And if the victim has to stay in bed,

            And later has to use a stick when he

Walks outside, you must pay for time he lost

And do what you can to help him until

           The injury is healed completely. That’s

Your sole responsibility. 20 And Death

Is punishment when you have beat your slave

            To death, 21 but if the slave lives a few days

After the beating, you shall not be punished,

For after all, you have already lost

            The services of that slave who was yours.

22 Suppose a pregnant woman suffers a miscarriage with

Due to the injury which she received

            When someone fought. 23 If she is not hurt badly,

The one who injured her must pay the fine

Her husband asks and judges ratify,

            24 But if she’s injured seriously, payment

Will be for life, an eye for eye, a tooth

For tooth, a hand for hand, a foot for foot,

            25 A burn for burn, a cut for cut, and bruise

For bruise; 26 and if you hit one of your slaves

And make him lose an eye, the slave must be

Set free, 27 and the same law applies if you

Knock a slave’s tooth out, for the slave goes free.

28 A bull that kills somebody with its horns

            Has to be killed, its meat destroyed, but he

Who owns the bull is not responsible

For the man’s death. 29 Suppose you own a bull

            That has a habit of attacking people,

But you’ve refused to keep it fenced in.  If

That bull kills someone, both you and the bull

            Have to be put to death by stoning, 30 but

If you will pay the fine demanded, you

May save your life, 31 and this same law applies

           If the bull gores somebody’s son or daughter.

32 If the bull kills a slave, you must pay thirty

Silver pieces to the slave owner to

Cover his loss, and the same bull has to

Be killed by stoning. 33 If somebody’s ox

Or donkey has been killed by falling in

An open pit you dug or left uncovered

Upon your property, 34 you have to pay        

For the dead animal, which becomes yours.

            35 If your bull kills somebody else’s, yours

Has to be sold, then money from your bull

And meat from the dead bull must be split fifty-

Fifty between you and the other owner.

36 If you refuse to fence a bull that charges,

When it has killed an animal, you’ll pay      

            Its price, then you will own the beast that’s slain.