1 The LORD said: “If you steal an ox and slaughter

Or sell it, you have to replace it with

Five oxen; if you steal a sheep and slaughter

It or sell it, you must replace it with

Four sheep, 2-4 but if you can’t afford to buy

Replacement animals, you must be sold

To be a slave to pay for what you have stolen.

And if you steal an ox, a donkey, or

A sheep, and you are caught with it alive,

You have to pay the owner double. If

You kill a burglar who breaks in your home

After it’s dark, you are not guilty, but

If you kill someone who breaks in your home

In daytime, you’ve committed murder. 5 If

You have an animal that goes astray

From your own land and graze in someone else’s

Own field or vineyard, you have to repay

The damage from the best part of your harvest

Of grapes and grain, 6 and if you carelessly

Allow a fire to spread from own land

To someone else’s, you must pay the owner

For any crops or fields the fire destroys;

            7 Suppose a neighbor asks you to keep silver

Or other valuables, and they are stolen

Out of your house, and if the thief is caught,

The thief must repay double. If the thief

Isn’t caught, 8 judges will decide if you’re

The guilty one. 9 Suppose two people claim

They both own the same ox or donkey or

A sheep or piece of clothing, then the judges

Have to decide the case: The guilty person

Will pay the owner double, 10 and suppose

A neighbor who will be away asks you

To keep a donkey or an ox or sheep

Or else some other animal, which dies,

Is injured, or is stolen while no one

Is looking. 11 If you swear with me as your

Witness you did not harm the animal,

You don’t have to replace it, for your word

Suffices. 12 If the animal was stolen

While in your care, you must replace it. 13 If

The animal was pounced upon and killed

By a wild animal, and you can show

Its owner what is left of it, you don’t

Have to replace it; 14 now suppose you borrow

An animal from an acquaintance, and

It’s harmed or dies while he is gone—then you

Have to replace it. 15 If the owner is

Around and something happens to it, you

Do not have to replace it. If you’d leased

The animal, the money which you paid

The owner will atone for any harm.”

The LORD said this: 16 “Suppose that a young woman

Has never married and is not engaged.

If a man talks her into having sex,

He must pay the bride price and marry her,

17 But if her father will not let her marry

The man, he must still pay the bride price. 18 Death

Stands as the punishment for witchcraft. 19 Death

Is punishment for bestiality.

20 For offering your sacrifices to

A god not me, the punishment is death.

21 Do not mistreat or prey on foreigners

Who live among you, for, remember, you

Were foreigners in Egypt. 22 Don’t mistreat

Widows or orphans. 23 If you do, they’ll beg

For my help, and I will come to save them.

24 In fact, I’ll get so angry that I’ll kill

Your men; I’ll make their wives be widows; and

I’ll make their children orphans. 25 Do not charge

Interest when you lend money to my people

Who are in need. 26 Before the sun sets, you

Have to return a coat that’s taken as

A loan’s security, 27 because that is

The only cover that the poor have when

They sleep at night. I am a God of mercy.

And when they call to me, I’ll come to help.

28 Do not speak ill of me or of the ruler

Of your own people. 29 Be sure to give me

The offerings of grain and wine that are

Mine. Dedicate to me your first‑born sons

30 And the first‑born out of your sheep and cattle.

And let the animals remain with their

Own mothers seven days. On the eighth day

Give them to me, your God. 31 You people are

My chosen ones, so do not eat the meat

Of livestock that wild animals have killed,

But let some dogs have meat and so be filled.