1 AFurnish the sacred tent with curtains made

Out of ten pieces of the finest linen.

They must be woven with blue, purple, and

Red wool, embroidered with the figures of

Winged creatures, 2 and make each piece fourteen yards

Long and two yards wide 3 and sew them together

Into two curtains with five sections each.

4-6 Put fifty loops of some blue cloth along

One of the wider sides upon each curtain,

6 Then fasten the two curtains at the loops

With fifty gold hooks. 7-8 As material

Used for the tent, apply goat hair to weave

Eleven sections fifteen yards by two

Yards each, 9 and take five sections which you=ll sew

Together to construct one panel, then sew

The other six together to construct

A second panel, and then fold the sixth

Section double over the tent=s front, 10 and

Put fifty loops along a wider side

Upon each panel; 11 fasten the two panels

At loops with fifty bronze hooks, 12 and the panel

With goat hair will be a yard longer than

The tent itself, 13 so fold a half yard of

Material behind the tent and on

Each side as a protective covering.

            14 Make two more coverings–one with ram skins

Dyed red, the other with fine leather.” 15 God

Said: ABuild a framework of acacia wood

For walls that make the sacred tent. 16 Each frame

Is to be fifteen feet high, with a width

Of twenty‑seven inches, 17 with two pegs

Of wood beside the bottom, 18-21 and beneath

Each frame put in two silver stands with sockets

For pegs, so you can join the frames together.

Use twenty of these frames on the south side

And twenty more along the north, 22 and for

The back wall on the west side use six frames

23-24 With two more on the corners at the southwest

And northwest, and make sure these corner frames

Are joined from top to bottom. 25 Altogether,

This back wall will have eight frames and will have

Two silver stands beneath each one. 26-27 Now make

Five crossbars for each wooden frame, 28 and have

The center crossbar running the full length

Along the wall, 29 and cover frames and crossbars

With gold and fasten gold rings to the frames

To run the crossbars through, 30 then set the tent

Up in the way I showed you on the mountain.”

31-33 The LORD said: AMake a curtain to break up

The holy place from the most holy place

And use fine linen woven with blue, purple,

And red wool, and embroidered with the figures

That represent winged creatures. Cover four

Acacia wood posts with some gold and set

Them each upon a silver stand. Then fasten

Gold hooks onto the posts and hand the curtain

There, 34 and in the most holy place, you have

To put the sacred chest that has the place

Of mercy on its lid. 35 Outside the curtain

You=ll put the table for the sacred bread

On the right side and the gold lampstand on

The left, 36 and for the entrance to the tent,

Use some fine linen woven with some wool

That=s blue and red and purple, and embroidered

With fancy needlework, 37 and cover five

Acacia wood posts with some gold and set

Each on a bronze stand, then put gold hooks, bare,

Upon the posts and hang the curtain there.”