“Aaron and his sons Nadab, Abihu,

Eleazar, and Ithamar. They are

The ones I’ve chosen out of Israel

To serve me as my priests. Make Aaron some

Exquisite clothes worthy of a high priest.

Aaron is to be dedicated as

My high priest, and his clothes must be made

Only by persons who have skills that I

Have given them. Here are the items you

Must make: A breastpiece and a priestly vest,

A robe, a sash, a turban, and a shirt

That is embroidered, and these sacred clothes

Shall be sewn for your brother Aaron and

His sons who will be my priests. Gold

And costly linen woven with blue, purple,

And red wool only shall be used to make

These clothes.” The LORD said: “The whole priestly vest

Must be made of fine linen skillfully

Woven with blue and purple and red wool,

Decorated with gold. It is to have

Two shoulder straps to hold it and a sash

That hooks around the waist. Two onyx stones,

Insert them in gold settings, then attach

One to each shoulder strap. Then on one stone

Engrave the names of Israel’s first six

Sons in the order of their birth, and do

The same with his remaining six sons on

The other stone. Thus Aaron always will

Carry the names of tribes of Israel

When he goes in the holy place, and I’ll

Never forget my people. Fasten two

Gold settings to the shoulder straps; affix

Them with two braided chains of pure gold.” God

Said: “From the same expensive cloth you must

Create a breastpiece for the high priest to

Employ in learning what I want my people

To do. It is to be nine inches square

And folded double with four rows that have

Three precious stones: In the first row you must

Put a carnelian and a chrysolite,

An emerald, too; and in the second row

A turquoise and a sapphire and a diamond;

In the third row a jacinth and an agate,

Also an amethyst; and in row four

A beryl and an onyx and a jasper.

Then mount the stones in delicate gold settings;

Engrave on each of them the name of one

Of the twelve tribes of Israel. Attach

Two gold rings to the upper corners in

The breastpiece front; and fasten them with two

Braided gold chains to the gold settings on

The shoulder straps. Attach two more gold rings

Onto the lower inside corners near

The vest and two more near the bottom of

The shoulder straps above the sash. Then take

A blue cord; tie the lower two rings on

The breastpiece to those rings upon the vest,

For this will keep the breastpiece in its place.

In this way Aaron will have all the names

Of the twelve tribes of Israel inscribed

Upon his heart each time he goes inside

The holy place. I won’t forget my people.

He also has to wear upon his breastpiece

The two small objects that he uses to

Receive replies from me.” The LORD said this:

“Underneath his vest Aaron has to wear

A robe of blue wool with an opening

Inside the center for his head. Be sure

To bind material around the collar

To keep it from unraveling. Along

The robe’s hem weave some pomegranates of blue,

Purple, and red wool with a gold bell there

Between them each. If Aaron wears these clothes

When he goes in the holy place as my

High priest, the bells will ring, so that his life

Won’t be endangered. On a narrow strip

Of pure gold you are to engrave the words:

‘Dedicated to God.’ Attach it with

A blue cord to the front of Aaron=s turban,

So he can wear it on his forehead. This

Will show that he will take on himself

The guilt for any sins the Israelites

Commit in offering their gifts to me,

And I’ll forgive them. Make Aaron’s robe and turban

Out of fine linen and adorn his sash

With fancy needlework. Since Aaron’s sons

Are priests, they should look dignified, too, so

Make sashes, robes, and special caps for them.

Dress Aaron and his sons then in these clothes,

Pour olive oil upon their heads, and then

Ordain them as my priests. Make linen shorts

For them that reach from waist to thigh, so they

Will not expose themselves. Whenever they

Go in the sacred tent or serve beside

The altar or go in the holy place,

They have to wear these shorts, or they’ll be guilty

And die, and this same rule applies to any

Of their descendants who shall serve as priests.”

The LORD said to Moses: