“To make the sacred tent and furnishings

For it,” the LORD told Moses, “I’ve selected

Bezalel from the Judah tribe. Not only

Have I filled him up with my Spirit, but

I have provided him with wisdom and

Have made him a skilled craftsman who can make

Artwork with silver, gold, bronze, stone, and wood.

I have appointed Oholiab from

The tribe of Dan to work with him, and I

Have also given skills to those who’ll help

Them to create the things exactly as

I have commanded you: the sacred tent

And all its furnishings, the sacred chest

Which has its place of mercy, and the table

With all that is on it, the lamp with its

Gear and the incense altar, and the altar

For sacrifices with all its equipment,

The bronze bowl with its stand, the lovely priestly

Garments for Aaron and his sons, the oil

For services of dedication and

Ordination, and the sweet‑smelling incense

That’s for the holy place.” And Moses told

The Israelites the LORD had said: “The Sabbath

Belongs to me. Now I command you and

All your descendants always to obey

The Sabbath laws. By doing this, you’ll know

That I have chosen you to be my own,

So keep the Sabbath holy. You will have

Six days to do your work, but Sabbath Day

Is mine, and it has to remain a day

Of rest, and if you work on Sabbath Day,

You will no longer belong to my own people,

And you’ll be put to death. Each generation

Of Israelites has to respect the Sabbath.

This day will always serve as a reminder,

To me and to the Israelites, that I

In six days made the heavens and the earth,

Then on the seventh day I rested and

Relaxed.” When God had finished with his talk

To Moses on Mount Sinai, he gave him

The two flat stones on which he’d written all

His laws with his own hand.