Last Days

The homeless in America are cold
While Senators lean back in their sleek cars;
Abusive nightmares haunt the children’s nights
As parents huddle drunk in dingy bars.

The Dollar is adored from coast to coast
While prophets are attacked (or worse) ignored;
T.V. delights in violence and sex
As its consumers stay smug, drugged and bored.

As Chastity’s regarded as a curse,
Fidelity’s assailed on every side;
With easy money couples get divorced
As if the Lord, who hates all sin, has died.

The leaders lose their sight of Christ’s tall cross
And masses stumble under weights of sins;
The Trivial is worshiped at new shrines
And Lucifer cannot conceal his grin.

Men trample rights of widows and the poor,
Few hear the silent screams of those unborn
Who are aborted–murdered by the wolves
Who howl, “Rejoice!” when all who know should mourn.

The prophet Daniel said in the Last Days
Man’s knowledge will increase, and yet Saint Paul
Declared that knowledge puffs man up, and that
It’s love, which never fails, that’s over all.

For God so loved the world he gave his Son,
And an eternal life belongs to you
If you believe in Christ, the one God sent,
The Root of David who makes all things new.

The stone has rolled and Jesus is alive,
He will return as Judge of goats and sheep;
Now is the time to pray, the Day is near,
For those who labor in the Lord will reap.

~Day Williams


1 The LORD told Moses: “You have led the people

Of Israel from Egypt. Now prepare

To lead them to the land I promised their

Ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

It is a land that’s rich with milk and honey,

2 And I will send an angel to force out

Those people who live there−the Canaanites,

The Amorites and Hittites, Perizzites,

Hivites, and Jebusites. 3 Go to the land

That flows with milk and honey. I’d go with

My people, but they’re so rebellious that

I’d wipe them out before they get there.”

4 When people heard these hard words they began

To mourn and none put on their ornaments.

5 Even before the LORD said these harsh things,

He had told Moses, “All these people are rebellious,

And I would kill them all at once, if I

Went with them, but tell them to take off their

Resplendent jewelry, then I’ll decide

What to do with them,” 6 so people started

To mourn, and after they left from Mount Sinai.

They wore their fancy jewelry no more.

7 Moses would set a tent up far from camp,

Which he had named the “meeting tent.” Whoever

Needed some message from the LORD would go

There, and each time that Moses went out to

The tent, each person stood beside the entrance

To their own tents and watched him enter, then

They would bow down because a thick cloud would

Descend before the tent, and God would speak

To Moses face to face, just like a friend.

Afterwards, Moses would return to camp,

But his young helper Joshua would stay at

The tent, and Moses told the LORD, “I know

You have told me to lead these people to

The land you promised them, but you have not

Told me who my assistant will be. You

Have said that you’re my friend and that you’re pleased

With me. If this is true, let me know what

Your plans are, then I can obey and keep

Pleasing you, and do not forget that you

Have chosen this same nation as your own.”

God said, “I’ll go with you and give you peace.”

Then Moses answered, “If  you are not going

With us, then please don’t make us leave this place;

But if you do go with us, everyone

Will know that you are pleased with your own people

And with me. That way, we’ll be different

From other people on the earth.” The LORD

Told him, AI will do what you’ve asked, because

I am your friend and I am pleased with you.”

Then Moses said, “I pray that you will let

Me see you in your entire glory.” God

Replied: “All right. I am the LORD, and I

Show mercy and good will to anyone

I choose. I’ll let you see my glory and

You’ll hear my holy name, but I won’t let

You see my face, for anyone who sees

My face will die. There is a rock not far

From me; go stand beside it, and before

I pass by in my shining glory, I’ll

Put you in a large crack inside the rock.

I’ll cover up your eyes with my hand ’til

I’ve passed, then I’ll take my hand away;

You’ll see my back; you will not see my face.”

April 15: Politicians (Military Quotations)

April 15




Better pointed bullets than pointed speeches.

~Otto von Bismarck, speech, (1850), relative to Manteuffel’s dealings with Austria during the insurrection of the People of Hesse Cassel



The Herzegovina question is not worth the bones of a Pomeranian fusilier.

~Otto von Bismarck (1875), during the struggle between the Christian provinces and Turkey, which led to the Russo-Turkish War