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  1. There’s a lot surfacing that suggests that #ReleaseTheMemo will produce the following rather devastating revelations about a massive criminal cabal leading all the way to the Oval Office. Let me give you a teaser of the memo here. #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #WeThePeople
    6:15 AM – 21 Jan 2018
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  2. It involves both the breach of the DNC emails, as well as the famous piss-gate dossier that has been at the heart of the entire #RussiaCollusion narrative from the start.

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  1. The memo will show that #SethRich, a Bernie-supporting DNC staffer, copied their emails and send them to #Wikileaks to blow the whistle on Hillary’s rigging of the DNC to destroy Sanders.

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  1. Barrack Obama, James Clapper and rogue elements in the CIA found out about Seth Rich using illegal surveillance prohibited by the 4th amendment. Anywhere up to 12 separate people were involved.

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  1. Google funded the IT auditing company Crowdstrike with $100M that was the entity used to run a sham investigation of the DNC server. The FBI’s help was refused and they bizarrely stepped down without a fight.

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  1. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, was fired for using Google as a powerful surveillance tool by criminal elements of the CIA. Crowdstrike was used to carry out the master plot of cheating Donald Trump out of the presidency.

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  1. Anyway, they bust Seth Rich and decide to make an example of him to prevent future leaks. He was assassinated using the cabal’s hit squad, MS-13. Look how scared Donna Brazile was when she realized.

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  1. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the one who shut down the investigation into his death, and they get assistance in making it all go away from the corrupted FBI and CIA leadership.

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  1. Now it’s Peter Strzok’s “Insurance Policy” in his text messages. This is a plan to create a phony dossier to enable the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign to find dirt to stop him from taking over the government and exposing their crimes.

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  1. A lot of bad people involved. Obama, Hillary, head of the Justice department Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok, all conspiring to create this dossier.

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  1. They even hired British Intelligence to help them. People just have no clue how corrupted all the vessels of power and intelligence in this world has been compromised by this global cabal, but it would shock anyone who opens their minds enough to realize it.
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  2. The money for this dossier came from Hillary’s campaign, the DNC treasury, the Podesta Group and other classified entities who paid Christopher Steel through Fusion GPS. Tried to obscure the flow of money… unsuccessfully.

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  1. Steele gets fake dirt on Trump from the Russians, he passes it over to corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder who, with some other classified coconspirators, starts the FISA application.

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  1. Massive high five for the cabal. They now get FISA authorization from corrupted Loretta Lynch and begin spying on Trump. 

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  1. Obama gets daily briefings and has a nice listen to all their private conversations in the hope that Trump is as crooked as they are. Unfortunately for them, he is not, and they can’t find a damn thing connecting Trump with Russia.

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  1. John McCain, a convenient cabal operative in the Republican Senate, starts sending this fake dossier to the #FakeNews media, and Buzzfeed is the only outlet stupid enough to get involved with this scam.

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  1. It is leaked and the public gets to hear for the first time the #RussiaCollusion fantasy cooked up by the entire rotten Obama administration in their desperate attempt to stop Trump from taking the seat of power and exposing their crimes. 

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  1. When they #ReleaseTheMemo, the public will discover not just that this whole Russia collusion story is a scam, but all the horrible crimes they’ve been committing for decades that they knew Trump would expose.

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  1. America was almost destroyed by criminals, but they’ve been busted. Now the public needs to be ready for the fall of a criminal enterprise on a scale that is quite incomprehensible for most of us. … #TheStormIsHere #WeThePeople #GreatAwakening
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ReleaseTheMemo #SchumerShutdown #GovShutdown #TheStorm #GreatAwakening

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  1. And I didn’t even mention the separate crime campaign, the charade investigation of Hillary’s shocking abuse of classified materials that led to her inevitable exoneration. #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #ReleaseTheMemoNow …

Genesis 12:3

“I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
~Genesis 12:3


One day God said to Moses, “Go cut two

Flat stones like the first ones I made, and I

Will write on them the same commandments that

Were on the two you broke. Tomorrow morning,

Be ready to come up Mount Sinai and

Meet with me at the top. No one shall come

With you or be upon the mountain. Don’t

Even allow the sheep and cattle to

Graze at the mountain’s base.” So Moses cut

Two flat stones like the first ones, and when it

Was early the next morning he bore them

Up to Mount Sinai’s peak, just as the LORD

Had ordered him. The LORD God came down in

A cloud and stood by Moses on the mountain.

God spoke his holy name, “The LORD.” He passed

In front of Moses and called out, “I am

The LORD God. I am merciful and I

Am very patient with my people. I

Show great love, and I can be trusted, and

I keep my promises to my own people

Forever, but I also punish one

Who sins. When people sin, I punish them:

Their children, grandchildren and great‑grandchildren,

Too.” Moses quickly bowed down to the ground

And worshiped God. He prayed this: “LORD, if you

Are really pleased with me, I pray that you

Will go with us. It is true these people

Are sinful and rebellious, but forgive

Our sin and let us be your people.” God

Told him: “I promise to perform some signs

And wonders for you that have never been

Seen anywhere on earth. The neighbor lands

Will stand in fear and know I was the one

Who did these awesome things. I will force out

The Amorites, the Canaanites, the Hittites,

The Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites,

But you must do as I tell you today.

Do not make treaties with those people–not

With any of them. If you do, it will

Be as though you’ve fallen in a trap.

Instead, you must destroy their altars and

Tear down the sacred poles they use to worship

The goddess Asherah, for I demand

Your total loyalty: You must not worship

Another god. Do not make treaties with

The people there, or you’ll soon find yourselves

Worshiping their own gods and taking part

In their own sacrificial meals. Your men

Will even wed their women and they’ll be

Talked into worshiping their gods. Don’t make

Some metal images of gods. Do not

Fail to observe th’Unleavened Bread Feast in

The month of Abib. Follow me and eat

The yeastless bread for seven days while in

Abib, because that is the month you left

From Egypt. All the first‑born males out of

Your families and flocks and herds are mine,

But you can save a first-born donkey’s life,

For you can sacrifice a lamb, but if

You don’t, you have to break the donkey’s neck.

You have to save each first‑born son, and bring

An offering each time you come to worship.

You must perform your work in six days and

Rest on the seventh day, and do this even

During the seasons when you plow and harvest.

And celebrate the Harvest Festival

Each spring when you start harvesting your wheat;

And celebrate the Festival of Shelters

Each autumn when you pick your fruit. Your men

Must come to worship me three times a year,

For I am the LORD God of Israel.

I’ll force the nations from your land and I’ll

Expand your borders, then no one will try

To take your property whenever you

Come worship me these three times each year. When

You sacrifice an animal upon

The altar, do not offer bread that’s made

With yeast. And don’t save any portion of

The Passover meal for the next day. I’m

The LORD your God, and you must bring the first

Part of your harvest to the worship place.

Don’t boil a young goat in its mother’s milk.”

The LORD told Moses to write these laws down

As one part of his pact with Israel.

Moses stayed on the mountain with the LORD

For forty days and nights, and did not eat

Or drink; and he wrote down the Ten Commandments,

The most important part of God’s agreement

With his own people. Moses came down from

Mount Sinai, carrying the Ten Commandments.

His face shone brightly, for the LORD had been

Talking to him, but Moses did not know

At first his face was shining. Now when Aaron

And others looked at Moses, they saw that

His face was shining, and they were afraid

To go beside him. Moses called out for Aaron

And other leaders to come see him, and

He spoke with them. The other Israelites

Gathered ’round Moses, and he gave them laws

The LORD had given him on Mount Sinai. And

As Moses’  face  kept shining, after he

Had spoken with the Israelites, he used

A veil to cover up his face. When he

Went in the sacred tent to speak with God,

He would remove the veil. When he came out,

He would tell people everything the LORD

Had said to say. They could see that his face

Still shone, so after he had talked, the veil

Went on ’til he next met with God face to face.