Let Justice Reign

“Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live and possess the land the Lord your God is giving you.”
Dt. 16:20

Justice for America, trashed by traitors.

Justice for the Boys on the Track.

Justice for Vince Foster.

Justice for Navy Seal Team Six.

Justice for Americans killed in Benghazi.

Justice for Seth Rich.

Justice for children kidnaped, trafficked, beaten, raped, tortured, and murdered.

Justice for Donald Trump on Spygate.

Justice and life for unborn children.

875 Churches

Paul Joseph Watson‏Verified account @PrisonPlanet1h1 hour agoMore

Apparently, the media doesn’t like it when you talk about 875 churches being targeted in France in the last year alone. 875 churches in France have been targeted in the last year alone. 875. 875. 875. 875. 875. 875. 875. 875. 875. 875. 875. 875. 875. 875. 875.

“Joe’s Movie”

Joe’s Movie

The local market offered me fresh fruit;
I held a bag of strawberries when Joe,
Film-maker who has never worn a suit,
Asked me to view his latest cut at home.

“This nightmare fogged my mind and followed me,
No matter how I tried to shake it off,
I shot the scenes as best my memory
Conceived it, though I may be growing soft.

Did we win World War II?” he asked his tea
As though I wasn’t there, and slid a disc
Into his player by a Harper Lee
Bird book to which he fixed a paper clip.

“A girl from the north woods gave me this book,”
He said, “when I left Phoenix for her place,
Which had been chaos, but on second look,
A midnight climax spruced up her mad space.”

“How did you feel?” I questioned. “Glad! I . . .Oh,
She made me feel I’d gone through gates to stars,
And we played like Bohemians in a grove,
Like we were space Marines who circled Mars.”

“Why aren’t you with her anymore?” I quizzed.
He caught himself, then wryly said, “Some times
You build a burger and make it sizzle . . .
Sometimes it tastes like Ajax dipped in grime.

“What I am telling you . . . you understand?”
“No, here’s a coin if you will tell me more.”
And like a pro he said, “She met a man
Who talked of pizza, cheese, and dominoes,

Who salivated over hot dog stands
And went ballistic if the plumbing leaked,
As though he’d kill the man, for cash in hand,
Who caused it, rich or poor, urbane or geek.”

“So they weren’t meant to be?” “He skipped out on
Her; we’ve lost touch since she went to D.C.—
Another missing D.C. girl–foregone
Conclusion if you knew her company.”

“What of this movie you have filmed?” I asked.
“Inception plays among Joint Chiefs of Staff
Where Pentagon commanders wear black masks
Into great halls where spies take polygraphs

As Clockwork Orange chimes in Dulce base
While horrid mutants whimper underground
And robot soldiers run a close-watched race,
Roswell to Sandy Hook to Proving Ground.

Meanwhile, at Jekyll Island, bankers plot— ”
“I’m sorry, but I must go home to see
The missus,” said I, “and our boy, the tot,
Wants me to help him decorate the tree.”

And Joe I never saw again, though he’d
Sent postcards postmarked only with a “Q”:
The locals found his body late one eve
And deputies recovered his canoe.

~Day Williams



Moses assembled all the Israelites    

And told them that the LORD had said: “You have

Six days in which to do your work. But then

You have to dedicate the seventh day

To me, your LORD, to be a day of rest.

Whoever works upon the Sabbath will

Be killed. Don’t even build a cooking fire

At home upon the Sabbath.” Moses told

The Israelites the LORD had said: “I’d welcome

An offering from anyone who wants

To give me something. You may bring gold, silver,

Or bronze; blue, purple, or red wool; fine linen;

Goat hair; tanned ram skin or fine leather; some

Acacia wood; the olive oil for lamps;

The aromatic spices for the oil

Of dedication and for incense; or

Some onyx stones or other gems that would

Go on the sacred vest and breastpiece. If

You have some skills, use them to help make what 

I’ve said: The sacred tent with covering

And hooks, its framework and its crossbars, and

Its post and stands; the sacred chest with its

Carrying poles, its place of mercy, and

The curtain that’s in front of it; the table

With all that goes on it, which does include

The sacred bread; the lamp with its equipment

And oil; the incense altar with its poles

To carry it and the sweet‑smelling incense;

The ordination oil; the curtain for

The entrance to the sacred tent; the altar

For sacrifices with bronze grating and

Its poles to carry it, and its equipment;

The large bronze bowl with its own stand; the curtains

With posts and stands that go around the courtyard;

The pegs and ropes for tent and courtyard; and

The finely woven priestly clothes for Aaron

And his own sons.” When Moses was through talking,

Everyone left. Then those who wanted to

Bring gifts to God, brought them to be used for

The sacred tent, the worship services,

And for the priestly clothes. The men and women

Came willingly and gave all kinds of gold

Jewelry such as pins, rings, earrings, and

Necklaces. Everyone brought their blue, purple,

And red wool, their fine linen, and their cloth

Made of goat hair, as well as their ram skins

Dyed red and their fine leather. Anyone

With bronze or silver or acacia wood

Brought it to be a gift to God. The women

Skillful at weaving cloth brought the blue, purple,

And red wool and fine linen they had made.

And women who knew how to make some cloth

From goat hair were delighted to do so.

The leaders brought some different kinds of jewels

That could be sewn upon the special clothes

And breastpiece for the high priest. Also, they

Brought aromatic spices to be mixed

With incense and with olive oil that were

For lamps and for ordaining priests, for Moses

Had told the people what the LORD desired

They do, and many did decide to bring

Their presents. Moses told the Israelites:

“God’s chosen Bezalel from Judah’s tribe.

Not only has the LORD filled him with his

Own Spirit, but he has provided him

With wisdom and has made him a skilled craftsman

Who can make articles of art with gold,

Silver, bronze, stone, and wood. The LORD is urging

Him and Oholiab out of the tribe

Of Dan to educate some others, and

They have ability to plan out and

Embroider with blue, purple, and red wool

And weave fine linen, techniques from the Lord,

Who gave to them artistic skills galore.”

Embroider with blue, purple, and red wool

And weave fine linen.