The Cross

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Why then, are you afraid to take up your cross? It’s your road to the kingdom of Christ. In the cross lies our salvation, our life; in the cross we have a defense against foes. In the cross we have a pouring-in of heavenly sweetness, a strengthening of our minds & spiritual joy.

Mueller completely dropped the ball with obstruction punt
By Andrew C. McCarthy
April 18, 2019



1 Bezalel built an acacia wood chest

Forty‑five inches long; twenty‑seven

Inches wide; twenty‑seven inches high.

2 Inside and out he covered it with gold,

Pure gold, and put gold edging ’round the top.

3 He cast four gold rings, and he fastened one

Of them to each one of the chest’s four legs.

4 Then he made two poles of acacia wood

And covered them with gold, 5 and put them through

The rings, so men could bear the chest by poles.

6 The chest’s whole lid, which had pure gold on it,

Served as the place of mercy. 7 On each of

The two ends of the chest, with hammered gold

He fashioned a winged creature. 8 They faced each

Other, 9 and the creatures’ wings did cover

The place of mercy. 10 Bezalel constructed

A table of acacia wood that had

A length of thirty‑six inches long, a width

Of eighteen inches, and a height of twenty‑

Seven inches. 11 He covered it with gold

And put gold edging ’round it 12 with a border

Three inches wide. 13 He made four gold rings and

Hooked one to each leg near the edging. 14 Poles

To bear the table were placed through these rings

15 And were made of acacia wood that was

Covered with gold, 16 and everything that was

For table setting was made of pure gold:

The bowls, plates, jars, and cups for offerings

Of wine, and Bezalel designed and built

A lampstand of pure gold. 17 The entire lampstand,

Including flowers decorating it,

He made out of a piece of hammered gold,

18 Which had three branches on each one of its

Two sides. 19 Three ornamental almond blossoms

Were on each branch and four were on the stem,

And where each pair of branches came out from

The stem, there was a blossom, too. 20 And on

The lampstand were four cups made to be like

Some almond blossoms, with their calyxes

And flowers, 21 and a calyx of one piece

With it beneath each pair of the six branches

Going from it. 22 Their calyxes and their

Branches were of one piece with it, and

The whole of it was but a single piece

Of hammered work of pure gold, 23 and he made

Its seven lamps, its tongs and trays out of

            Pure gold. 24 He made it and all its utensils

From seventy-five pounds of gold, pure gold.

25 For burning incense, Bezalel did carve

            An altar from acacia wood; it was

Eighteen inches square and was thirty-six

Inches in height with each of its four corners

Sticking up like a bull’s horn, 26 and he covered

It with pure gold and put gold edging ’round it.

27 Below the edging on sides opposite

He fastened two gold rings through which he put

To poles to bear the altar. 28 These poles, too,

Were also made out of acacia wood

And covered up with gold, 29 and Bezalel

Mixed up the sacred and he commenced

To add sweet‑smelling spices for the incense.