May the Lord judge

May the Lord judge between you and me. And may the Lord avenge the wrongs you have done to me, but my hand will not touch you.
~1 Samuel 24:12 NIV



1 “‘Now when a man gives a grain offering

To God, his offering has to consist

Of choice wheat flour; he must pour olive oil

On it and put some frankincense on it.

2 Then he must bring it to the sons of Aaron,

The priests; the priest must scoop from there a handful

Of its choice wheat flour and some olive oil,

              Plus all its frankincense, and then the priest

Must offer its memorial portion up

In smoke upon the altar—it’s a gift,

A soothing scent to God. 3 And what remains

From the grain offering belongs to Aaron

And to his sons—it is most holy from

God’s gifts. 4 When you present an offering

Of grain that’s oven-baked, it must be made

Of choice wheat flour baked into loaves unleavened

And mixed with olive oil or wafers with

No yeast, which you have smeared with olive oil.

5 Now if your offering is one of grain

Made on the griddle, it must be choice wheat

Flour mixed with olive oil, unleavened. 6 Crumble

It into pieces and pour olive oil

On it—it’s a grain offering. 7 If your

Own offering is a grain offering

Made in a pan, it must be made of choice

Wheat flour deep fried in olive oil. 8 You must

Bring the grain offering that must be made

From these to God. Present it to the priest,

And he will bring it to the altar. 9 Then

The priest must take from the grain offering

Its portion for memorial and offer

It up in smoke upon the altar—it’s

A gift of soothing scent to God. 10 And what

Remains of the grain offering belongs

              To Aaron and his sons—it is most holy

From gifts of God. 11 Now no grain offering

Which you present to God is to be made

With yeast, for you are not to offer up

In smoke some yeast or honey as a gift

To God. 12 You can present them to the Lord

To be an offering of first fruit, but

They must not go up to the altar for

A soothing scent, 13 and you must season each

Of your grain offerings with salt; you must

Not let the salt of your Lord’s covenant

Be missing from your offering of grain—

On every one of your grain offerings

You must give salt. 14 If you present a grain

Offering of first ripe grain to the Lord,

You must present your offering of grain

Of the first ripe grain as soft kernels roasted

In fire—crushed bits of fresh grain. 15 And you must

Put olive oil on and set frankincense

On it—it is an offering of grain.

16 The priest must offer its memorial portion

Up in the smoke—some of its crushed bits, some,

Its olive oil, plus all its frankincense—

It is a gift to God without pretense.”