One-Eye Club

We’re the One-Eye Club.
We rub
Shoulders with the great.
We deserve our fate.

Death Cult



1 “‘If anybody sins because they don’t

Speak up when they have heard a public charge

To testify about a thing that they

Have seen or learned about, they will be held

Responsible. 2 If anyone becomes

Aware that they are guilty—if they touch

Unwittingly a thing that is unclean

Ceremonially (whether carcass of

An unclean animal that is domestic

Or wild, or any unclean creature that           

Moves on the ground) and they are unaware

That they’ve become unclean, but then they come

To realize their guilt; 3 or if they touch

Human uncleanness (anything that would

Make them be unclean) even though they are

Unaware of it, but then they learn of

It and they realize their guilt; 4 or if

Anyone thoughtlessly does take an oath

To do an action, whether good or evil

(In any matter one might carelessly

Swear on) although they’re unaware of it,

But then they learn of it and realize

Their guilt— 5 when anyone becomes aware

That they are guilty in these matters or

Any of them, they must confess in what

Way they have sinned, 6 and as a penalty

For sin they have committed, they must bring

To God a female lamb or goat out of

The flock to be an offering for sin;

The priest shall make atonement for them for

Their sin, 7 and anyone who can’t afford

A lamb shall bring two doves or two young pigeons

To God to be a penalty for sin—

One to be a sin offering, the other

For a burnt offering. 8 They are to bring

Them to the priest, who first shall offer on

For the sin offering. He is to wring

Its head from its neck, not dividing it

Completely, 9 and shall splash some blood out of

The offering of sin at altar’s side.

              He must drain out remaining blood right at

The altar base, an offering of sin.

10 The priest shall offer up the other to

              Be a burnt offering in the prescribed

Way and atone for them for sin that they’ve

Committed, and they’ll be forgiven. 11 But

If they cannot afford two doves or two

Young pigeons, they must bring an offering

For sin a tenth an ephah of the fine flour

For a sin offering. They must not put

The olive oil or incense on it, for

It’s a sin offering. 12 They are to bring

It to the priest, who is to take a handful

Of it as a memorial portion and

Burn it upon the altar on the top

Of the food offerings presented to

The Lord. It’s a sin offering. 13 The priest

Thereby will make atonement for them for

Any one of these sins they have committed,

And they will be forgiven, and what is

Left of the offering will be the priest’s,

As in the case of the grain offering.’”

14 The Lord told Moses: 15 “When a person is

Unfaithful to the Lord by sinning while

Unaware as to any of the Lord’s

Holy things, they must bring to God a ram

Out of the flock to be a penalty,

A ram unblemished and the proper value

In silver, by the sanctuary shekel.

It’s a guilt offering. 16 They have to make

Restitution for what they’ve failed to do

With holy things, pay an additional

Penalty that is twenty percent of

Its value and give it all to the priest,

Who will make the atonement for them with

The ram as a guilt offering, and they

Will be forgiven; 17-19 If you break one of

My orders unintentionally, you’re

Still guilty, and you can be punished. When

You realize what you have done, you must

Either bring to the priest a ram that has

No blemish or else pay him for one; and

The priest will sacrifice it to resolve

The transgression, and you will be absolved.”