You must not have sexual intercourse with a male as one has sexual intercourse with a woman; it is a detestable act.
~Lev. 18:22

Fie on Blandness

Fie on Blandness

Fie on blandness!

Let loose the winds of wildness.

Fie on the color beige, tepid tea, and soulless songs.

Sing the joyful noise, in tune, out of tune,

Let the hardscrabble road you’ve traveled

Show in your whiskers, wrinkles, moles, and warts.

Smile with crooked unpolished teeth at Death and Destruction.

Fie on same shirts, same pants, same hair, same skirts, same meals, same drinks, same views.

Cheer for the underdog,

Be the underdog,

Be dogged after unattainable goals,

Drag the Dog Star from the black sky to dance in the mud with you, roll

in the mud, splash

Water on your comrades,

Do a somersault and a cartwheel,

Ask who what when where why how what if and why not

Throw down your crutches

Run naked over bridges to nowhere,

Smell and taste the grass, tell a stranger they are beautiful,

hand her a bag of candy and a bag of M&Ms

Throw down your crutches,

Run naked over bridges to everywhere,

Smell and taste and feel the grass,

tell a stranger they are beautiful,

hand her a bag of candy and a helium balloon

Rise and fall with the sun,

Stop the sun so you can finish your homework

Kick the sun into the next country,

Make shadow figures on the museum wall,

Shout your worst fault down a well,

Unleash your heart, focus your will, burn your baggage.

~Day Williams

A Day at Grandpa’s Farm

A Day at Grandpa’s Farm

After the pump breaks a pipe, you dig a ditch,
And when it’s fixed, you start the motor, push
The wheel-line over mud and through the corn,
And start the pump again to water crops.

At Dead Man’s Slide, the D-4 tilts a bit,
The harrow kicks up choking dust; you shush
Fears that the yellow CAT will roll without warning
And squish you like ground meat in butcher shops.

Covered with dust from head to toe, you hear
The bell ring from the house, and hurry down
The hill to dine on steak, potatoes, peas,

And corn, corn on the cob, fresh-picked, you smear
The butter on, your brother plays the clown,
And Grandma offers ice cream, if you please.




1 “‘This is the law of the guilt offering,

Which is most holy. 2 In the place where they

Will slaughter the burnt offering they have

To slaughter the guilt offering, and then

The priest who is officiating has

To splash the blood against the altar’s sides.

3 The one who makes making the offering has to

Present its fat: the fatty tail, the fat

That covers entrails, 4 the two kidneys and

The fat upon their sinews, and the lobe

Protruding on the liver (which he must

Remove along with kidneys). 5 Then the priest

Must offer them in smoke upon the altar

To be a gift to God, and it’s a guilt

Offering. 6 Any male among the priests

May eat it, and it must be eaten in

A holy place. It is most holy. 7 This

Law is the same for the sin offering

And the guilt offering, and it belongs

Unto the priest who makes atonement with

It. 8 And as for the priest who brings up one’s

Burnt offering, the hide of that same burnt

Offering which he brought up is his. 9 Each

Grain offering that’s oven-baked or pan-

Cooked or on griddle is that of the priest

Who’s given it, 10 and each grain offering,

Whether it’s mixed with olive oil or dry,

Belongs to Aaron’s sons, each one alike.

              11 This is the law of the peace offering

Sacrifice which he’s to present to God.

12 If he presents it out of thanksgiving,

Along with the thank offering to be

A sacrifice he must present unleavened

Loaves mixed with olive oil, unleavened wafers

Smeared with some olive oil, and well soaked ring-

Shaped loaves made of choice wheat flour mixed up with

Some olive oil. 13 He must present this grain

Offering with the ring-shaped loaves of bread

That’s leavened bread which normally go with

The sacrifice of his thanksgiving peace

Offering. 14 He has to present one of

              Each kind of offering of grain to add

On to the offering to God; it’s for

The priest who splashes blood that comes out of

              The offering of peace. 15 The meat of his

Thanksgiving offering of peace has to

Be eaten on his day of offering;

              He is not to set it aside ‘til morning.

16 And if his offering is votive or

Freewill as sacrifice, it may be eaten

The day that he presents his sacrifice,

And leftovers too from it may be eaten

On the next day, 17 but the leftovers from

              The meat of sacrifice must be burned up

In fire on the third day, 18 and if some meat

Of his peace sacrificial offering

Is ever eaten on the third day it

Won’t be accepted; it won’t be accounted

To one who has presented it, since it

Is spoiled, and one who eats from it will bear

His punishment for evil, 19 and the meat

Which touches something ceremonially

Unclean must not be eaten; it must be

Burned up in fire. As for the meat that’s clean

Ceremonially, each person who

Is ceremonially clean may eat        

The meat, 20 and one who eats some meat out of

The sacrifices of the peace offering

              Which is the Lord’s while his uncleanness lasts

Will be cut off from his own people. 21 When

A person touches anything unclean

              (Whether it’s human uncleanness, or else

An unclean animal, or an unclean

Disgusting creature) and he eats meat

From the peace offering, the sacrifice

That is the Lord’s, that person will be cut

Off from his people.’” 22 Then the Lord told Moses:

              23 “Tell Israelites, ‘Do not eat any fat

That’s from an ox, or sheep, or goat, 24 and also,

The fat that’s from an animal that’s died

From normal causes and the fat that’s from

An animal wild beasts have torn may be

Employed for any other purpose, but

You must not eat it ever. 25 If a man

Eats fat that’s from the animal from which

He gives a gift to God, that person will

              Be cut off from his people. 26 And you are

Not to eat any birds’ blood or the blood

Of domesticated animals

On land in any place where you may live.

27 A person who eats any blood—that person

Is to be cut off from his people.’” 28 Then

The Lord told Moses: 29 “Tell the Israelites,

‘One who presents his offering of peace,

A sacrifice to God, is to bring up

His offering unto the Lord from his

Peace offering, his sacrifice. 30 With his

Own hands he must bring God’s gifts. He has

To bring the fat in with the breast to wave

The breast as a wave offering before

The Lord, 31 and then the priest must offer fat up

              In smoke upon the altar, but the breast

Will be for Aaron and his sons. 32 You are

To give the right thigh as a contribution

              Offering to the priest out of your peace

Offering sacrifices. 33 One from sons

Of Aaron who presents the blood out of

The offering of peace and fat will have

The right thigh as his share , 34 because the breast

Of the wave offering and thigh out of

The contribution offering I have

Taken from Israelites out of their peace

Offering sacrifices and have given

Them to Priest Aaron and his sons out of

People of Israel as an eternal

Allotted portion.’” 35 This is the allotment

Of Aaron and this son’s allotment from

The Lord’s gifts on the day that Moses set

Them forth to serve as priests to God. 36 The day

Moses anointed them, the Lord commanded

To give to them from Israelites a portion

A portion that’s allotted evermore

Throughout their generations. 37 This is law

For the burnt offering, the offering

Of grain, the offerings for sin and guilt,

The ordination offering, as well

As sacrifice for the peace offering;

38 While Moses and the Israelites were in

              The desert at Mount Sinai, God advised

Them to start offering these sacrifices.