“Jonah” by Day Williams



The prophet Jonah ran to sea when called

To preach to Nineveh; poor Jonah stalled

Until the waves rose high around the ship−

Then truth, that God was there, came from his lips.


The sailors threw poor Jonah overboard,

The prophet Jonah who defied the Lord;

In a great fish the prophet prayed three days

And nights, and gave the Lord his songs and praise.


The Lord heard Jonah’s prayers and made command,

And the fish spewed the prophet on dry land.

The prophet heard the voice of God again:

“Go preach in Nineveh to all its men.”


When Jonah preached that Nineveh would fall

In forty days, the city’s monarch called

On citizens to cry to God, to fast

In rags, for God’s hot wrath is deep and vast.


When God saw sinners turn from former ways,

He put aside the fury that had blazed,

But Jonah, angered by the Lord‘s soft heart,

Left Nineveh to watch, a man apart.


The Lord gave him a vine that grew as shade,

Then sent a worm, which left the vine decayed,

And Jonah was irate about the vine,

Which had been comfort from the sun that shined.


“This vine sprang up and overnight it died;

It wasn’t you who made it grow!” God cried,

“Yet Nineveh is great; should I not care

When I have men by thousands living there?”

~Day Williams

You’re Far Above


You’re far above the men I’ve known, my Lord,
Men unforgettable, men high and brave.
If these and others were in one accord,
They would be like a single, gentle wave

Trickling against a shore in some far land
Where no foot’s scrunched the sand or stepped on stones;
They’d be the stories children understand,
While you’d be higher, farther, all alone;

For every act within your ministry
Speaks volumes more than any man’s career,
Since you can manage meanness, sophistry,
And crimes in ways to make God’s love shine clear,

You, through God’s heaven, where great treasure’s stored,
Pour gifts upon believers in the Lord.

~Day Williams

The Honest Feminist

The Honest Feminist

“This is my studio apartment. Not big, but big enough for a bed that sleeps two. By the way, thanks for the drinks at the bar. Now (she starts undressing) I want to be up front with you. I’m a feminist, an honest feminist. You should know that I sleep with a different man every weekend. Sometimes one on Friday night, another on Saturday night. My body, my choice. The odds that I have a venereal disease are fairly high, just so you know.    
“If you get me pregnant, I won’t consult with you about the choice. What? Don’t give me that biology textbook stuff. The Supreme Court doesn’t care, so why should I? I know my rights. It’s my body, so if I want an abortion, I’ll get it, and you’ll pay for it. You're the sperm donor. That’s why I copied down your credit card numbers when we came in the door.
“If I decide to have the baby, we won’t get married, because I don’t believe in faithfulness. I want to explore all the possibilities. My body, my choice. I will make sure that you pay child support for 18 years, and you can see the child every other weekend. So, let’s climb into bed, shall we?”

A child

Live Action:

A child is not part of a mother’s body

A child is a genetically distinct human being

A car is not part of a garage because it’s parked there

A cake is not part of the oven because it’s baked there B

eing inside something is not the same as being a part of something