Socialism Fails

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    1. Socialism isn’t racist or sexist. Socialism destroys the lives of all races and genders equally. It doesn’t discriminate.


    You cannot create a “perfect society” by leaving out God. Without God to guide and restrain men’s actions, they will grasp for power and wealth, and they will abuse what they have. Socialism can have a brief period where it looks like it’s working then it will descend to massive purges and pogroms. Guns overpower ideals, and blood runs in streets.

    Worship God, not government.

Psalm 43:1

Vindicate me, my God, and plead my cause against an unfaithful nation. Rescue me from those who are deceitful and wicked.



1 God said to Moses and to Aaron, 2 “When

               Anyone has a swelling or a rash

              Or shiny spot upon their skin that may

Be a defiling skin disease, they must

              Be brought to the priest Aaron or to one

              Among his sons who is a priest. 3 The priest

Shall scrutinize the sore upon the sin,

              And if the hair within the sore has turned

              White and the sore appears to be more than

Skin deep, it’s a defiling skin disease;

              And when the priest inspects that person, he

              Shall state that he is ceremonially

Unclean, 4 and if the shiny spot upon           

              The skin is white but does not seem to be

              More than skin deep and hair in it has not

Turned white, the priest shall isolate the person

              Affected seven days. 5 The seventh day,

              The priest is to inspect them, and if he

Sees that the sore’s unchanged and has not spread

              Within the skin, he is to isolate

              Them for another seven days. 6 Upon

The seventh day the priest shall check the sore

              Again, and if the sore has faded and

              It has not spread along the skin, the priest

Shall state that they are clean; it’s but a rash.

              They have to wash their clothes, and they’ll be clean.

              7 But if the rash does spread within their skin

After they’ve had the priest examine them

              To say they’re clean, they must appear before

              The priest again. 8 The priest shall check that person,

And if the rash has spread along the skin,

              He shall pronounce them as unclean; it is

              A skin disease that is defiling. 9 When

Someone has a defiling skin disease,

              They must go to the priest. 10 The priest is to

              Examine them, and if the skin has in

It a white swelling that’s turned the hair white

              And if the swelling has raw flesh in it,

              11 it is a chronic skin disease; the priest

Is to pronounce them as unclean. He shall

              Not isolate them: They’re unclean already.

              12 If the disease breaks out throughout their skin

And, so far as the priest can see, it covers

              The skin of the affected person from

              His head to foot, 13 the priest shall check the sores,

If the disease has covered their whole body,

              He shall declare them clean. Since it has all

              Turned white, they’re clean; 14 but when raw flesh appears

On them, they’ll be unclean, 15 and when the priest

              Sees the raw flesh, he’ll state they are unclean.

              The raw flesh is unclean; they have a disease

Defiling them, 16 and if the raw flesh changes

              And turns white, they have to go see the priest,

              17 Who shall examine them, and if the sores

Have changed to white, the priest shall then declare

              The person so affected clean; then they’ll

              Be clean. 18 When someone has a boil upon

Their skin which heals, 19 and in the place where skin

              Had had the boil, appears white swelling or

              A reddish-white spot, they must see the priest.

20 The priest shall check it, and if it appears

              To be more than skin deep and hair in it

              Has turned to white, the priest is to pronounce

That person as unclean. Where the boil was,

              A defiling skin disease has broken out,

              21 But if, when the priest checks it, it has no

White hair in it and it is not more than

              Skin deep and it has faded, then the priest

              Shall isolate them seven days. 22 If it

Is spreading in the skin, the priest shall state

              They are unclean, for it is a defiling

              Disease; 23 but if the spot’s unchanged and has

Not spread, it’s but a scar that’s from the boil;

              The priest shall state that they are clean. 24 Now when

              Somebody has a burn upon their skin

And in the raw flesh on the burn, a reddish-

              White or white spot appears, 25 the priest shall check

              The spot, and if the hair in it has turned

To white, and it appears to be more than

              Skin deep, it’s a disease defiling them

              That’s broken out within the burn. The priest

Shall state that they’re unclean; it’s a defiling

              Disease of skin, 26 but if the priest examines

              It and the spot has no white hair, and if

It is not more than skin deep and has faded,

              The priest shall isolate them seven days.

              27 And on the seventh day the priest shall check

That person, and if it is spreading in

              The skin, the priest shall say that they’re unclean;

              It’s a defiling skin disease; 28 but if

The spot is still the same and has not spread

              Within the skin but it has faded, it’s

              A swelling from the burn; the priest shall state

They’re clean; it’s but a scar left from the burn.

              29 Now if a man or woman has a sore

              Upon their head or chin, 30 the priest is to

Inspect the sore, and if it seems to be

              More than skin deep and hair in it is yellow

              And thin, the priest shall state that they’re unclean;

It’s a defiling skin disease upon

              The head or chin; 31 but if the priest inspects

              The sore, and it does not appear to be

More than skin deep and there is no black hair

              In it, the priest is then to isolate

              Th’affected person seven days, 32 and on

The seventh day the priest is to inspect

              The sore, and if it has not spread and there’s

              No yellow hair in it and it does not

Appear to be more than skin deep, 33 the man

              Or woman has to shave their body, all

              But the affected region, and the priest

Shall keep them isolated seven days

              More; 34 on the seventh day the priest is to

              Inspect the sore, and if it has not spread

Within the skin and seems to be no more

              Than skin deep, then the priest shall state they’re clean.

              They have wash their clothes, and they’ll be clean.

35 But if the sore does spread within the skin

              After the priest says they are clean, 36 the priest

              Is to examine them, and if he finds

The sore has spread within the skin, he does

              Not need to look for yellow hair; they are

              Unclean, 37 but if the sore’s unchanged so far

As he can see, and if black hair has grown

              In it, th’affected person has been healed.

              They’re clean; the priest shall state that they are clean.

38 Now when a man or woman has white spots

              Upon the skin, 39 the priest shall check them, and

              If spots are dull white, it’s a harmless rash

That’s broken out upon the skin; they’re clean.

              40 A man who’s lost his hair and who is bald

              Is clean. 41 If he has lost his hair that’s from

His scalp’s front and has a bald forehead, he

              Is clean; 42 but if he has a reddish-white

              Sore on his bald head or his forehead, it

Is a disease defiling him that’s breaking

              Out on his head or forehead, 43 and the priest

              Shall check this out, and if the swollen sore

Upon his head or forehead is red-white

              Like a defiling skin disease, 44 the man’s

              Diseased and he’s unclean: The priest shall state

That he’s unclean due to his head sore. 45 One

              With a disease that is defiling him

              Like that must wear their clothes torn, leave their hair

Wild, cover up their face’s lower part

              And cry out, ‘Unclean! Unclean!’ 46 As long as

              They still have the disease, they stay unclean.

They have to live alone; they have to live

              Outside the camp. 47 As for a fabric that

              Is spoiled with a defiling mold—with woolen

Or linen clothing, 48 with some woven or

              Knitted material of wool or linen,

              With leather or an object made of leather—

49 If the affected area in fabric,

              Or leather, or the woven or the knitted

              Material, or any leather item,

Is green or red, it’s a defiling mold

              Which they must show the priest. 50 The priest is to

              Examine the affected area

And isolate the article one week.

              51 Then on the seventh day he shall inspect

              It; if the mold has spread within the fabric,

The woven or the knitted fabric, or

              The leather (what it’s used for does not matter),

              It’s a persistent mold that is defiling;

The article is unclean, 52 and he has

              To burn the fabric, or the woven or

              The knitted fabric made of wool or linen,

Or any leather article that has

              Been spoiled; because the mold that is defiling

              It is persistent, you must burn the item.

53 But if the priest examines it and sees

              The mold has not increased within the fabric,

              The woven or the knitted fabric, or

The leather article, 54 he is to order

              That someone wash the article that’s spoiled.

              Then he shall isolate it for another

Seven days. 55 After it’s been washed, the priest

              Shall check it once more; if the mold has not

              Changed its appearance, even though it has

Not spread, it’s unclean. Burn it, for it makes

              No difference which fabric side is spoiled.

              56 If, when the priest examines it, the mold

Has faded after you have washed the item,

              He is to tear the spoiled part from the fabric,

              The leather, or the woven or the knitted

Material, 57 but if it reappears

              Within the fabric, in the woven or

              Knitted material, or in the leather

Article, it’s a spreading mold; you have

              To burn whatever has the mold. 58 A fabric,

              Woven or knitted fabric, or a leather

Article that’s been washed and is rid of

              The mold, has to be washed again. It will

              Be clean then.” 59 These are regulations as

To the defiling molds in woolen or              

              Linen clothing, woven or knitted fabric,

              Or any leather article, to reveal

Whether the article is clean or unclean.