A Speech

A Speech

Let me say how I see myself:
You’ll know me better than before.
I ask for your indulgence;
Don’t grab your coat and push the door.

I’ve lived in places ‘round the world
And given viewpoints careful thought.
I feel a good way to begin
Is to inform you what I’m not.

If I said I’m a Communist,
You’d listen with an open mind.
They say they’re for equality
And that objective fits your lines.

And if I told you I was gay,
You might say you are liberal, too.
What other people do in rooms
Doesn’t matter much to you.

If I said I’m in real estate,
Had made a fortune from my plan,
You’d stick around to hear the spiel,
So you’d get rich quick, too, on land.

And if I talked of hatred of
Folks for the color of their skins,
I bet that some would listen,
Hoping racial hate would win.

If I said I loved drugs and sex,
You might want to join in my game.
You might be one to go along,
Neglecting health, neglecting shame.

And if I said my skin was green
Or blue, or gender was unknown,
And wanted crayons and safe space,
You’d follow me across time zones.

So when I say that I’m a Christian
I wonder why you close your ears.
Why do you close your “open mind”
And flood your mind and heart with fears?

I only said I was a Christian.
I didn’t poke you in the face,
I didn’t hit you with a Bible
Or occupy your private space.

I only want to tell you I
Believe in Christ, Christ crucified,
His body buried in a guarded tomb
While men lost heart and women cried.

That man came back to life again
And ate a fish and honeycomb.
He gave disciples more commands,
Ascended to his holy home.

You might say it’s a fairy tale,
That there’s no life once people die;
If you can prove He didn’t rise,
Then I will bid my faith good-bye.

You hear about hypocrisy,
Not of the good works of the Lord:
How people’s lives have changed for good,
How people are revived, restored.

No, you will hear about the troubles−
That is what makes the stories sell.
You’ll seldom see them cover it
If God has made a crushed man well.

The Gospel’s name means it’s Good News,
News of salvation and God’s light.
God’s Good News is His love for you . . .
Thank you for listening tonight.

~Day Williams

At the Gates

At the Gates

Lift up your hands in praise
At the gates of the King
And lay at Jesus’ feet
The offerings you bring.

May your works survive the fire,
May crowns be on your head,
May your name be in the Book
When Heaven’s words are read.

May you sing with your heart
While kneeling at His feet.
May love burn within you,
And may your songs be sweet.

~Day Williams

May 6: Daughter

Day Williams created this graphic depiction of this date.

May 6

Adam lived 800 years after the birth of Seth, and he fathered sons and daughters.
–Genesis 5:4

When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she is not to leave as the male slaves do. If she is displeasing to her master, who chose her for himself, then he must let her be redeemed. He has no right to sell her to foreigners, because he has acted treacherously toward her. Or if he chooses her for his son, he must deal with her according to the customary treatment of daughters. If he takes an additional wife, he must not reduce the food, clothing, or marital rights of the first wife.
–Exodus 21:7-10

No women as beautiful as Job’s daughters could be found in all the land, and their father granted them an inheritance with their brothers.
–Job 42:15

He acted just like Jeroboam. Even worse, he married Jezebel the daughter of King Ethbaal of Sidon and started worshiping Baal.
–1 Kings 16:31




1 The Lord told Moses, 2 “These are regulations

              For any person who’s diseased when they

              Are to be ceremonially cleansed,

When they are brought before the priest: 3 The priest

              Shall go out of the camp and check them. If

              They have been healed of their defiling skin

Disease, 4 the priest shall order somebody

              To bring two live clean birds, some cedar wood,

              Some scarlet yarn and hyssop for the person

Who will be cleansed. 5 The priest shall order that

              One of the birds be killed above fresh water

              In a clay pot, 6 then he’ll take the live bird

And dip it with the cedar wood, the yarn

              Of scarlet and the hyssop, in the blood

              Of the same bird you killed above fresh water.

7 He is to sprinkle seven times the one

              He’s cleansing from the skin disease that is

              Defiling him, and then pronounce them clean.

Then he is to release the live bird in

              The open fields. 8 The person to be cleansed

              Must wash their clothes, shave off their hair and bathe

With water; they will be ceremonially

              Clean then, and after this they may come in

              The camp, but they must stay outside their tent

For seven days, 9 and on the seventh day

              They must shave off their hair; they have to shave

              Their head, their beard, their eyebrows and whatever

Remains of hair. They have to wash their clothes

              And bathe themselves with water, and they’ll

              Be clean. 10 On the eighth day they have to bring

Two male lambs and one ewe lamb a year old,

              Each with no blemish, with three-tenths an ephah

              Of finest flour mixed in with olive oil

For a grain offering, and one oil log.

              11 The priest who states that they are clean shall then

              Present the ones who will be cleansed and their

Offerings before the Lord at the entrance to the tent of meeting.

              12 The priest shall then take one male lamb and offer

              It, a guilt offering, with the oil log;

He shall wave them before the Lord, a wave

              Offering, 13 and the lamb, he is to slaughter

              Within the sanctuary area

Where the priests slaughter the sin offering

              And the burnt offering. The offering

              Of guilt, like the sin offering, is for

The priest; it is most holy; 14 then the priest

              Shall take some blood of the guilt offering

              And put it on the lobe of the right ear

Of one who will be cleansed, upon the thumb

              Of their right hand and on the big toe of

              Their right foot, 15 then the priest shall take some of

The oil log, pour it in the palm of his

              Own left hand, 16 dip his right forefinger in

              The oil within his palm, and with his finger

Sprinkle some seven times before the Lord.

              17 The priest is to put some remaining oil

              That’s in his palm upon the right ear lobe

Of the one to be cleansed, upon the thumb

              Of their right hand and on their right big toe

              On top of blood of the guilt offering.

18 The oil remaining in his palm, the priest

              Shall put upon the head of those who will

              Be cleansed and will atone for them before

God, 19 then the priest shall sacrifice the sin

              Offering and atone for those who will

              Be cleansed from their uncleanliness. The priest

Shall slaughter the burnt offering 20 and offer

              It on the altar with the offering

              Of grain, and make atonement for them, and

They will be clean. 21 But if they’re poor and can’t

              Afford these, they must take one male lamb as

              An offering of guilt that’s to be waved

To make atonement for them, with a tenth

              An ephah of the finest flour mixed with

              Some olive oil for a grain offering,

A log of oil, 22 and two doves or two young

              Pigeons, such as they can afford, one for

              An offering for sin, the other one

For a burnt offering. 23 On the eighth day

              Bring them for their cleansing to the priest

              Right at the entrance to the meeting tent,

Before the Lord. 24 The priest shall take the lamb

              For the guilt offering with the oil log,

              And wave them in front of the Lord, a wave

Offering. 25 He shall kill the lamb to be

              The offering of guilt and take some blood

              From it and put it on the right ear lobe

Of those who will be cleansed, upon the thumb

              Of their right hand and on the right big toe.

              26 The priest is to pour some oil into the palm

Of his own left hand, 27 and to sprinkle with

              His own right forefinger some oil from his

              Palm seven times before the Lord. 28 Some oil

Within his palm he is to put on the same

              Places he put the blood out of the guilt

              Offering—on the lobe of the right ear

Of people to be cleansed, upon the thumb

              Of their right hand and on the big toe of

              Their right foot; 29 and the priest shall put the rest

Of oil within his palm upon the heads

              Of people to be cleansed, to make atonement

              For them before the Lord. 30 He’ll sacrifice

The doves or the young pigeons then, such as

              Each person can afford, 31 one as a sin

              Offering and the other as a burnt

Offering, with the offering of grain.

              This way the priest will make atonement in

              Front of the Lord for people to be cleansed.

32 These are the regulations for a person

              With a defiling skin disease who can’t

              Afford the normal offerings for cleansing.”

33 The Lord told Moses and told Aaron, 34 “When

              You go into the land of Canaan, which

              I’m giving you as your possession, and

I put a spreading mold inside a house

              Within that land, 35 the owner of the house

              Must go and tell the priest, ‘I have seen something

That looks like a defiling mold inside

              My house.’ 36 The priest shall order that the house    

              Be emptied first before he goes in to

Inspect the mold, so nothing in the house

             Will be called unclean; after this the priest

              Shall go inspect the house. 37 He shall inspect

The mold upon the walls, and if it has

              Greenish or reddish hollows that seem to

              Be deeper than the surface of the wall,

38 The priest shall go out the house doorway and

              Close up the house for seven days, 39 then on

              The seventh day the priest shall come back to

Inspect the house, and if the mold has spread

              Upon the walls, 40 he is to order that

              Contaminated stones be torn out and

Thrown into an unclean place outside

              The town. 41 He must have all the inner walls

              Of the house scraped and the material

That is scraped off is to be dumped into

              An unclean place outside the town, 42 then they

              Shall take some stones that will replace these and

Take some new clay and plaster the same house.

              43 If the defiling mold appears again

              In the house after men have torn out stones

And scraped and plastered it, 44 the priest shall go

              Examine it and, if the mold has spread

              Inside the house, it’s a persistent mold

That is defiling, and  mold; the house is unclean.

              45 It must be taken down—its stones, its timbers

              And all the plaster—and removed from town

And taken to an unclean place. 46 A man

              Who goes inside the house while it’s closed up

              Will be unclean till evening. 47 Anyone

Who sleeps or eats within the house must wash

              Their clothes, 48 but if the priest comes to inspect

              It and the mold has not spread after men

Have plastered up the house, he shall pronounce

              The house as clean, because the mold that was

              Defiling it has gone. 49 To purify

The house he is to gather two birds and

              Some cedar wood, some scarlet yarn and hyssop.

50 He’ll kill one bird above fresh water in

A clay pot, 51 then he’ll take the cedar wood,

              The hyssop, scarlet yarn and live bird, dip

              Them in the blood of the dead bird within

Fresh water, and for seven times he’ll sprinkle

              The house. 52 He is to purify the house

              With the bird’s blood, fresh water, live bird, and

The cedar wood, the hyssop and the yarn

              Of scarlet. 53 Then he shall let the live bird

              Go in the open fields outside the town.

In this way he will make atonement for

              The house, and so it will be clean.” 54 These are

              The regulations for a skin disease

That is defiling, for a sore, 55 for molds

              That are defiling in some fabric or

              Inside a house, 56 and for a swelling, or

A rash or shiny spot, 57 to tell when something

              Is clean or unclean; and these rules apply

              For molds and skin diseases that defile.