The Extraordinary Person

A man who attacks the Christian religion in the modern world is not an unheard-of or extraordinary person. The extraordinary person is the person who defends the Christian religion. 

~G. K. Chesterton

Expect some heavy-handed action

Discussions are happening late into the night here. Entities at the top have grown impatient with the flow of progress against corruption. Expect some… heavy handed action. Doors need closed. Cages revealed. Have Faith.


Go for it.


1 The Lord told Moses, 2 “Tell the Israelites:

              ‘I am the Lord your God. 3 You must not do

              The way they do in Egypt, where you used

To live, and you must not do as they do in

              The land of Canaan, where I’m bringing you.

              Don’t follow what they do. 4 You must obey

My laws; be careful that you follow my

              Decrees. I am the Lord your God. 5 Keep my

              Decrees and laws, because the person who

Obeys them is to live by them. I am

              The Lord. 6 Nobody shall approach a close

              Relative to have sexual relations.

I am the Lord. 7 Do not dishonor your

              Father by having sex with your own mother.

              She is your mother; don’t have sex with her.

8 Do not have sex with your own father’s wife;

              That would disgrace your father. 9 Do not have

              Sex with your sister, whether she is your

Own father’s daughter or your mother’s daughter,

              And whether she was born in the same home

              Or elsewhere. 10 Don’t have sex with your son’s daughter

Or with your daughter’s daughter, for that would

              Dishonor you. 11 Do not have sexual

              Relations with the daughter of your father’s

Wife, born to your own father; she’s your sister.

              12 Do not have sex with your own father’s sister;

              She’s a close relative of your own father.

13 Do not have sex with your own mother’s sister,

              For she’s your mother’s own close relative.

              14 Do not disgrace your father’s brother by

Asking his wife for sex with you; she is

              Your aunt, 15 and don’t have sex with your own daughter-

              In-law, for she is your son’s wife; do not

Have sex with her. 16 Do not have sex with your

              Own brother’s wife; that would disgrace your brother.

              17 Do not have sex with both a woman and

Her daughter, and do not have sex with her

              Son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter; they

              Are her close relatives. That’s wickedness.

18 Do not take your wife’s sister as a wife,

              A rival wife, and have relations with

              Her while your wife is living. 19 Don’t approach

A woman to have sex while she is on

              Her monthly period, an unclean time.

              20 Do not have sex with your own neighbor’s wife

And so defile yourself with her. 21 Don’t give

              Any children as sacrifice to Molek,

              For you must not profane the name of your

Own God. I am the Lord. 22 Do not have sex

               Relations with a man as one does with

              A woman; that’s detestable. 23 Do not

Have sex relations with an animal and so

              Defile yourself with it. A woman is

              Not to go to an animal to have

Sex with it; that is a perversion. Don’t

              24 Defile yourselves in any of these ways,

              For this is how the nations that I will

Drive out before you did become defiled.

              25 For they defiled the land itself, so I

              Punished it for its sin, and the land barfed

Out its inhabitants, 26 but you must keep

              My laws and my decrees. The native-born

              And foreigners who live with you must not

Do any of these awful things, 27 for all

              These things were done by people who resided

              Before you in the land, and they defiled

The land, 28 and if you do defile the land,

              The land will barf you out as it barf out

              The nations that were there before you. 29 Each

One who does any of these awful things—

              Such persons must be cut off from their people.

              30 Keep my requirements; do not follow any

Of the sick customs that were practiced there            

              Before you came, and do not be disgrace

With them: I am the Lord your God, your base.’”