To Enforce Laws or Suppress Rebellion

10 U.S. Code §252 

Use of militia and armed forces to enforce Federal authority
Whenever the President considers that unlawful obstructions, combinations, or assemblages, or rebellion against the authority of the United States, make it impracticable to enforce the laws of the United States in any State by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, he may call into Federal service such of the militia of any State, and use such of the armed forces, as he considers necessary to enforce those laws or to suppress the rebellion.


Betrayers #2

Clink! Thirty silver pieces in his palm,
Judas betrayed Him with a kiss at night,
Regretted it, tossed back the coins–no balm–
Went forth confused, committed suicide.

Overlooked for promotion, snubbed and bruised,
Or so this brilliant general complained,
So he betrayed America for loot,
And his Boot Monument–it bears no name.

Her handler-driver was a Chinese spy
Who noted every mood, each word she said;
She talked about the nation’s secrets–
Lied to FBI, said she was no Red.

Some will betray their country; some, a friend:
Betrayers never come to a good end.

~Day Williams

Judas Hanged Himself

EyeTheSpy‏ @TrueEyeTheSpy6h6 hours ago

The thing about treason, @SenFeinstein, is that it works better when conversations remain secret. Wouldn’t you agree, @JZarif?

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump14h14 hours ago

My Campaign for President was conclusively spied on. Nothing like this has ever happened in American Politics. A really bad situation. TREASON means long jail sentences, and this was TREASON!

Getting Saved

Getting Saved

You know there’s more but don’t know where to look,
More than the misery and the mysteries:
Why was I born? And why must I mourn
The friends I’ve lost, the trouble-tossed,

The sweetest men, the kindest women
With touches so tender, I felt their splendor
And I will never more walk through their open doors,
The ones who cared, they’ve gone I know not where.

I talked to the sky and heard no reply
And spoke to the streams that flow away my dreams
Professors did not know, though their words flowed,
And I was wary to walk through a cemetery.

I rented a room as warm as a womb
Opened a drawer at quarter to four.
“Holy Bible” it said, I sat down and read:
The world was a mess, in stress and duress

Because man’s sin led to pain and chagrin
So God sent His Son to die for everyone.
They knew he was dead and they lived in dread,
Yet he beat death and rose from the tomb with breath,

Appeared to them in flesh, having conquered death,
Then returned to heaven, leaving eleven
To wear out their shoes to spread the Good News
In public squares and everywhere else.

I took to my knees and said, “Lord, please
Give me a break for I’ve made mistakes,
I need your pure love that comes from above
I’ve wandered and strayed, take me in, I pray.”

A warmth grew inside that melted my pride;
I knew God cared and He heard my prayer;
I stayed on my knees, where I felt at ease,
I read the Bible’s words and my heart was stirred

I found what I had missed and couldn’t resist
Giving God praise for how he had saved
Me when I was lost, and He paid the cost,
The penalty that was meant for me.

At last I got up, and had myself a cup
Of soup so hot I lost my train of thought,
For I welled up in joy like a young boy
Who’s won a game and takes in acclaim,

Yet higher than that, a joy that lasts,
A joy that remains through losses and gains,
A joy that gives strength to go the full length,
A joy that means I live in heaven’s dream.

~Day Williams