The Pledge of Allegiance

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”



1 God said to Moses and to Aaron this:

2 “The Israelites shall camp around the Tent

Of Meeting far from it, each man beneath

His standard with his family’s banners.” 3 On

The east, toward sunrise, Judah’s camp divisions

Are to encamp beneath their standard, and

The chief of Judah’s people is called Nahshon,       

Son of Amminadab, 4 and his division

Adds up to seventy-four thousand six

Hundred. 5 The tribe of Issachar will camp

Beside them, and the leader of the people

Of Issachar is Nethanel the son

Of Zuar. 6 His division numbers fifty-

Four thousand and four hundred. 7 Next will be

The tribe of Zebulun, whose leader of

The people is Eliab, Helon’s son,

8 And his division totals fifty-seven

Thousand four hundred. 9 All the men assigned

To Judah’s camp, by their divisions, number

One hundred eighty-six thousand four hundred.

They will set out first. 10 On the south will be

Divisions of the camp of Reuben under

Their standard, and the head of Reuben’s people

Is named Elizur son of Shedeur. 11 His

Division numbers forty-six thousand

Five hundred. 12 Next to them will camp the tribe

Of Simeon. The leader of the people

Of Simeon is Shelumiel son

Of Zurishaddai. 13 His division numbers

Fifty-nine thousand and three hundred. 14 Next

Will be Gad’s tribe. The leader of Gad’s people

Is Deuel’s son Eliasaph, 15 and his

Division numbers forty-five thousand

Six hundred fifty. 16 All the men assigned

To Reuben’s camp, by their divisions, number

One hundred fifty-one thousand four hundred

And fifty. They will set out second. 17 Then

The Meeting Tent and Levites’ camp will set

Out in the middle of the camps. They will

Set out in the same order as they camp,

            Each in his own place underneath his standard.

18 And on the west will be Ephraim’s camp

Divisions underneath their standard, and

            Elishama the son of Ammihud

            Led Ephraim’s own people. 19 His division

Adds up to forty thousand and five hundred.

20 Manasseh’s tribe will be beside them, and

The leader of Manasseh’s people is

Gamaliel, Pedahuzur’s son. 21 His

Division numbers thirty-two thousand

Two hundred. 22 Benjamin is the next tribe.

The leader of the Benjamites, the son

Of Gideoni, is named Abidan,

23 And his division numbers thirty-five

Thousand four hundred. 24 All the men assigned

Unto the camp of Ephraim, according

To their divisions, are one hundred eight

Thousand one hundred. They will set out third.

25 And on the north will be divisions of

Dan’s camp, beneath their standard, and to lead

Dan’s people is Ahiezer the son

Of Ammishaddai. 26 His division numbers

Sixty-two thousand seven hundred. 27 Next

To them will camp the tribe of Asher. Leading

People of Asher is Pagiel son
Of Ocran. 28 His division numbers forty-

One thousand and five hundred. 29 Next will be       

The tribe of Naphtali. The leader of

People of Naphtali: Ahira son

Of Enan. 30 His division numbers fifty-

Three thousand and four hundred. 31 All the men

Assigned to Dan’s camp number one hundred

Fifty thousand six hundred. They will set

Out last, beneath their standards.32 So these are

Israelites, counted by their families.

All those in camps, by their divisions, total

Six hundred three thousand five hundred fifty.

33 But Levites were not counted with the other

Israelites, as the LORD told Moses. 34 So

The Israelites did everything the LORD

Told Moses; that is the way they encamped

Under their standards and how they began

To set out, each with family and clan.