Princess Diana’s death crash was NOT an accident and two cars involved have never been traced, say American couple who witnessed the smash – as they reveal they now fear for their lives Robin and Jack Firestone reported seeing two dark cars at the scene The couple fear there could be reprisals after telling authorities what they saw They witnessed aftermath of tragedy in the Pont de’ l’Alma tunnel, Paris, on August 31, 1997 Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and their driver Henri Paul were all killed

What Really Happened To Princess Diana – David Icke

What Really Happened to Princess Diana, by David Icke

Investigate for yourself. Let them call you a “conspiracy theorist.” So what? Julius Caesar was a victim of a conspiracy.

Love and Life

Love and Life

I may not be a famous man,
Or one who makes a hero’s plans.
I do not have a Ph.D.
Or Pulitzers in poetry.
But still I see some trouble here
(I want to be exact and clear);
I see great evil in the land,
Corruption hard to understand.

They’re killing babies left and right,
And I’m opposed with all my might.
A baby has the right to live,
To grow and laugh, to cry and give.
A baby isn’t just a rag
To toss into a bloody bag.

A baby’s us, she’s you and me,
With head and heart, with thumbs and knees.
When zygotes form within their wombs,
God forbid those wombs be tombs.
God says those lives must thrive and grow,
To see the worlds of sun and snow,
To lie upon their mothers’ breasts,
To learn and play, to work and rest.

To take those lives is no small crime,
A Holocaust that taints our time.
Soon the Lord will cast His pall:
May He have mercy on us all.

~Day Williams

Human Being in Utero

Last Days

The homeless in America are cold
While Senators lean back in their sleek cars;
Abusive nightmares haunt the children’s nights
As parents huddle drunk in dingy bars.

The Dollar is adored from coast to coast
While prophets are attacked (or worse) ignored;
T.V. delights in violence and sex
As its consumers stay smug, drugged and bored.

As Chastity’s regarded as a curse,
Fidelity’s assailed on every side;
With easy money couples get divorced
As if the Lord, who hates all sin, has died.

The leaders lose their sight of Christ’s tall cross
And masses stumble under weights of sins;
The Trivial is worshiped at new shrines,
And Lucifer cannot conceal his grin.

The Devil’s begging yet for sympathy,
The Devil says that those with faith are blind,
As if the Cross had not defeated him,
As if we should be praising hollow minds.

Men trample rights of widows and the poor,
Few hear the silent screams of those unborn
Who are aborted− murdered by the wolves
Who howl, “Rejoice!” when all who know should mourn.

The colleges instruct that Man is God,
As they promote Charles Darwin and Voltaire,
As Marx and Sartre, Russell and Camus,
Become the deities of campus squares.

The scientific mind is lifted high,
As if technology will solve our ills,
But it’s “advancements” of science to blame
For atom bombs and chemical plant spills.

The prophet Daniel said in the last days
Man’s knowledge will increase, and yet Saint Paul
Declared that knowledge puffs man up, and that
It’s love, which never fails, that conquers all.

For God so loved the world he gave his Son,
And an eternal life belongs to you
If you believe in Christ, the one God sent,
The Root of David who makes all things new.

The stone has rolled and Jesus is alive,
He will return as Judge of goats and sheep;
Now is the time to pray, the Day is near,
For those who labor in the Lord will reap.