I Know a Man


I know a man who was despised by men,
I know a man who’s hidden from men’s eyes,
I know a man who’ll come to earth again,
A man of sorrows who is good and wise,

A man who’ll have the earth beneath His feet,
And every man and woman will bend knees
To God’s one Son, who made the Law complete,
The Son with whom the Father is well pleased.

He is the stone the builders have refused,
The one who has become the cornerstone;
He was rejected, ridiculed, abused
And soon He will return to claim His own.

He will return to rule as Judge and King:
Let earth rejoice! Let saints and angels sing!

~Day Williams

The Unborn Child

The Unborn Child

We sacrifice
The unborn child;
We’ll pay a price
For lives defiled.

~Day Williams

Sonnet: The President Prepares a Speech

Sonnet: The President Prepares a Speech

“They have as king over them, the angel of the Abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon.”
~Rev. 9:11

“They refused to repent of all their evil deeds.”
~Rev. 16:11

 O, treachery! 
 ~Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act III, scene iii 

The President Prepares a Speech

Trade Towers fell: The drama people need
To keep them doped and dumbed, to justify
Our rape and pillage of the Middle East—
Let not their representatives ask why.

For I will dictate who is “good” and “bad”—
They’re “bad” if they have oil which we desire.
I’ll bully any fool who claims I’m mad;
I’ll keep this bankrupt nation from the mire.

Alternate energy? Don’t make me laugh:
Pour billions into war, not science staffs;
Besides, my dad would kill my wife and me

If I would follow what is true and free.
My policies are built on shifting sands,
Through Abaddon, my treachery will stand.

~Day Williams



Morning snow falls,
Motors chug-chug:
He rises from his bed
And brushes his teeth,
bare feet cold on the hardwood floor.
Books underarm,
his students scuffle and shuffle
through the drifts
to the schoolhouse
where icicles grow on eaves.
He reads in Jeremiah,
drinks coffee,
prepares the lesson plan,
and pulls on his boots.
Each day
he penetrates
innocent eyes,
And desires those eyes
to grow deep
and yet retain
their wide wonder.
He imparts and gains
knowledge and feeling in equal measure
to three grades.
They love his love of Shakespeare
and Twain,
His stories from the northern woods
And his jokes about the Presidents;
They love his love of God and words,
His leather voice
on gray afternoons . . .

~Day Williams

The Village Without Fear

Village Without Fear

This farmland’s our home,
They call us squatters here,
Where our families have grown,
The Village Without Fear.

Government came in,
They didn’t waste a tear,
Burned our wooden houses,
The Village Without Fear.

With clothes on our backs,
Still he ruling’s clear,
Suicidal, we must leave
The Village Without Fear.

~Day Williams



Legal Americans have dreams to raise
Their families, safe, prosperous, secure.
They have contributed and followed laws,
They’ve risked and sacrificed, deserving praise,
While those who put them down are immature
As kids who still believe in Santa Claus.
The criminals have had their days of fun;
Let lawful citizens be Number One.

~Day Williams

The Answer

The Answer

You are depressed,
Your pathway lost;
The answer is:
Kneel at the cross.

“Phoenix” by Day Williams


Phoenix! Rising from ashes

And winging away

Stand up, rise up Phoenix above my head

Those wings a loud rhythm

Phoenix from ashes

Phoenix, I am ashes

Make a bird of me

Give all my ashes wings

Give me a broad back

to carry friends

Let me fly

for one thousand years

~Day Williams