“Ronald the Crankster,” poem by Day Williams


The needle slips inside the vein,
The tubing tight around
The arm, and Ronald feels a rush
That lifts him off the ground

Of the men’s bathroom stall at the hall
Where bowlers knock down pins.
The needle and the tubing go
Back in the pack. He grins

And springs out to the Reno street
To dumpster-dive and score
Once more in a parking lot
Near a casino floor.

“This is my change of lifestyle, cop,
I slam the speed and go
Outside to root in garbage, not
Like cranksters at the windows,

Listening to walls. I used to be
An alcoholic. . . . Why,
With all the tweakers round, stop me,
A long-time Reno guy?”

~Day Williams

Without Mining There Is No ‘Green Revolution’ –A Commentary By Stephen Moore



How is this for rich irony: To make renewable energy at all technologically plausible will require massive increases in the supply of rare earth and critical minerals. Without these valuable metals, there will not be more efficient 21st-century batteries for electric cars or modern solar panels. Kiss the Green New Deal and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ utopian vision of 100% renewable energy goodbye.

Yet, for decades now, environmentalists have erected every possible barrier to mining for critical minerals here in America — which we have in great abundance.

Barrick Gold



1 The LORD told Moses, 2 “Take your vengeance on

The Midianites for Israelites. And after

That, you’ll be gathered to your people.” 3 So

Moses said to the people, “Arm some of

Your men to war against the Midianites

And carry out God’s vengeance on them. 4 Send

A thousand men from each one of the tribes

            Of Israel to battle,” 5 so twelve thousand

Battle-armed men, a thousand from each tribe,

Came from the clans of Israel. 6 And Moses

Sent them to battle, from each tribe a thousand,

With Phinehas son of Eleazar,

The priest, who took with him the articles   

Out of the sanctuary and the trumpets

For signaling. 7 They fought with Midian,

As God commanded Moses, and they killed

            Each man. 8 Among their victims: Evi, Rekem,

Zur, Hur and Reba−Midian’s five kings.

With swords they also killed the son of Beor,

            Balaam. 9 The Israelites did seize the women

And children of the Midianites and took

All herds of Midianites, and flocks and goods

As plunder, 10 and all towns where Midianites

Had settled, they burned down, as well as camps.

11 They took all spoils and plunder, as well as          

People and animals, 12 and brought the captives,

The plunder and the spoils to Moses and

Eleazar the priest and the assembly

            Of Israelites encamped on Moab’s plains

Beside the Jordan River opposite

Jericho. 13 Moses and Eleazar

The priest and public leaders went to meet

With them outside the camp. 14 And Moses

Was angry with the army officers−

Those who commanded thousands and those who

Commanded hundreds−who returned from battle.

15 “Have you allowed the women to still live?”

            He asked them, 16 “for they were the ones who followed

Balaam’s advice and were the means to turn

The Israelites off from the LORD in what

            Occurred at Peor, so a plague attacked

God’s people. 17 Now kill all the boys and kill

Each woman who’s slept with a man, 18 but for

            Yourselves save every virgin girl. 19 Each of

            You who’s killed anyone or touched a man

Who has been killed must stay outside the camp

            Seven days. On the third and seventh days

You are to purify yourselves and your

Own captives. 20 Purify each garment and

Each thing of wood or leather or goat hair.”

21 The priest Eleazar told soldiers who

Had gone to battle, “Law that the LORD gave

Moses requires: 22 Gold, silver, bronze, tin, iron,

Lead 23 and all else that can withstand a fire,

You must put through the fire to cleanse it, but

You have to purify it with the water

Of cleansing, too. Whatever can’t withstand

The fire must be put through that water. 24 On

The seventh day you are to wash your clothes

And you’ll be clean, then you may come into

The camp.” 25 And God told Moses, 26 “You and priest

Eleazar and family leaders of

The whole community shall count the people

And animals that have been captured. 27 Split

The spoils between the fighting soldiers and

The rest of the community. 28 From soldiers

Who fought in battle, set apart as tribute

For God one out of each five hundred, whether

The persons, cattle, donkeys, sheep or goats.

29 And take this tribute from their half share; give

            It to Priest Eleazar as God’s part.

30 And from the Israelites’ half, pick one out

Of every fifty, whether persons, cattle,

Donkeys, sheep, goats or other animals,

And give them to the Levites, who must take

Care of God’s tabernacle.” 31 Moses and

Eleazar the priest did as the LORD

Commanded Moses. 32 The plunder remaining from

The spoils the soldiers took was this: six hundred

And seventy-five thousand sheep, 33 along

With seventy-two thousand cattle, 34 sixty-

One thousand donkeys; 35 also, thirty-two

Thousand women who never had slept with

A man, 36 and the half share of those who fought

In battle was: three hundred thirty-seven

Thousand five hundred sheep, 37 of which the tribute

Given God was six hundred seventy-

Five; 38 thirty-six thousand cattle, of which

            The tribute for the LORD was seventy-

Two; 39 thirty thousand and five hundred donkeys,

Of which the tribute for the LORD was sixty-

One; 40 sixteen thousand people, of which God’s

Tribute was thirty-two. 41 And Moses gave

The tribute to Eleazar the priest

As the Lord’s part, as the LORD had told Moses.

42 The half belonging to the Israelites,

Which Moses set apart from fighting men’s

One-half−43 the half for the community−

Was sheep: three hundred thirty-seven thousand

Five hundred, 44 cattle: thirty-six thousand,

45 Donkeys: thirty thousand five hundred, 46 and

People were: sixteen thousand. 47 From the half

For Israelites did Moses pick one out

Of every fifty men and animals,

As God commanded him, and gave them to

The Levites, who were caring for the Lord’s

            Tabernacle, 48 then officers who were

Over the army units−the commanders

Of thousands and commanders of the hundreds−

Went up to Moses 49 and they said to him,

“The soldiers under our command, your servants

Have counted, and not one is missing, 50 so

We’ve brought to be an offering to God

Gold articles that each of us acquired−

The armlets, bracelets, signet rings, the earrings

And necklaces−to make atonement for

Ourselves before the LORD.” 51 AndMoses and

Eleazar the priest accepted gold

From them−the crafted articles. 52 All gold

From the commanders of the thousands and

Commanders of the hundreds Moses and

Eleazar presented as a gift

To God weighed sixteen thousand seven hundred

And fifty shekels. 53 And each soldier had

Plucked plunder for himself. 54 Now Moses and

Eleazar the priest accepted gold

From the commanders of the thousands and

Commanders of the hundreds and brought

It in the Meeting Tent, remembrance for

Each of the Israelites before the LORD.