California Cove, poem by Day Williams

California Cove

                            “you kings, be wise;

Be warned, you earthly rulers.”

~Psalm 2:10

From New York, Texas, and D.C.
The weaving spiders come
To grow their fame and wealth and might
And pluck the precious plums.

They spend some time with employees
They pull the boys’ pants down
The Manly Coven thrills to cooks
Who profit from the clowns

And Doctor Octopus plays chess
In evening’s afterglow
As Thomas Paine stands in the light
Outside California Cove

The Wicked Witch, her dreams are sleazy
“Bring my hammer and my toy,”
She joins her girlfriend in a basement
Where she keeps her golden boys

A jet brings Wild Bill Hickok
With coke from railroad tracks:
“These women are my property
The rest of you, go back”

And the lawyers from the swamp
Have bought a porn star’s trove;
Foundations skim donations
At California Cove

Underground rooms are busy
Prince Charming has spurned his bride
The Madames from North Beach
Are shocked to view the homicides

And Cain has caught and clobbered Abel
Atop the Temple Mount
Where Abraham has waited years
To open a new account

Monk Rasputin has romped with maids
And ruined Chicago’s homes
He’ll lead the ceremony
Tonight at California Cove

The Powermongers give talks
Beside a tree-lined lake
And they pretend that they don’t care
What titles they may take

Their eyes transfixed by symbols
From ancient Babylon
They phrase their buzz words expertly
Nodding to the Ku Klux Klan

But their disguises aren’t so good
Down at the bordello
Where videos are made and stored
At California Cove

Freddy Krueger scared the limo
That drove along Elm Street
Up to a grassy knoll
Where nightmares took their seats

And Caesar, on his right side,
Shot the peace candidate
Who would have stopped a foreign war
When profits come from hate

Weaving spiders fondly recall
Cave Men from long ago
Who fixed and tricked the sleeping giant
At California Cove

Vincent Vega, assigned his task,
Arranges maps and guns,
No matter why, the bullet flies,
He’ll notch another one.

Director Jay, on public pay,
Dislikes a journalist,
He calls a pal and pays his way,
“That boy won’t be missed.”

Twisted men meet and scratch their rears
They fight their vertigo
By acting like they have no fears
At California Cove.

Down trails, by trees, up forest tracks
Cave men hunt dangerous game
No deputy can find the bodies
And no one is to blame

Hog farmers come to clean the mess
The Cave Men leave behind
They’ll never tell the coppers
On what the pigs have dined

And by Washington’s Monument
The narcissists run moles
Who spy on Paine and Jefferson
At California Cove

Now Cassius looked so long and lean
And called his bookie for a bet
A high-placed man would die that night,
A hardship he won’t regret

He forges 302s for Brutus
Persuading him to join
The pool of high-stakes players
With shiny Power Points

He wears fine suits and flashes smiles
As in a puppet show
You wouldn’t know his savage weeks
At California Cove

Now by the guarded entrance gate
Protesters carry signs,
A fat head sticks out from a limo
And in a high voice whines,

“Nurse Ratched will fix your head,
You nonconformist freaks,
She’ll shock your brain ‘til you comply
And you can only squeak”

The limo speeds inside the place
As though a racer drove
For fun and games and care in flames
At California Cove

A songbird formed his whole career
By turning on his land
He’s sided with the enemies
And he should be banned

The songbird plans his funeral
As though he will soon die
But Grandpa knows he lied again
He’ll fake his death and fly

An orb or planet deep in space,
An isle off Mexico,
Nowhere to hide when he has come
From California Cove

In strides the smiling oil man
And he conducts a dance
He rests inside an ivy coffin
And takes the kids for romance

He stores his conscience in a vault
Inside an ocean trench
He tramps across the forest camp
To a girl he calls his wench

And Dr. Szell says open wide
He’ll probe for what you know
And if it hurts, why, tell the men
At California Cove

Rick Blaine rides to the airport in fog
With Ilsa as time goes by
He makes a heart-break tarmac deal
A patriot would buy

And Rocky’s ready for a fight
With clowns who harm his kids
And he will pound Count Dracula
‘Til his jawbone falls to bits

In subterfuge and trickery
The hungry ply their trade
The prostitutes have more morals
Than Cave Men who make AIDS.

Before the panic and debris
Lucky Larry had breakfast toast
He checked fine print on policies
Assured to claim the most

Put options placed for profits max
In their overflowing cups
Godfathers took a front-row seat
To watch the nukes blow up

Goldfinger envies them so much
He will attend the Owl Show
To participate in sacrifice
At California Cove.

As innocents are shot to death
Sheriff Hoyt says stand down
He takes his orders from half-high,
From Wendy and the clowns.

His handler, hideous harridan,
Runs spies in her domain
Wendy sells her country for a kiss
And tries to blackmail Tom Paine

A body on a beach tells tales
About the lawns she mows
Don’t double-cross that horrid boss
At California Cove

Dr. Downer creates diseases
So he can sell the cure
And puts the profits through a laundry
While he goes on a tour

Harry Lime promotes disorders
And bigger DSM’s
He will sell you pills through your doc
So he can buy more gems

He claims they’ll solve your problems
And keep you status quo
If you will buy his merchandise
At California Cove

Cleopatra has sailed her barge
Downriver to the sea
While Antony professes love
He’s down on his knees

She smiles and checks computer files
That tell her all she needs
She’ll scare him with the dirt she has
And satisfy her greed

Her bank accounts are empty
Funds disappeared in holes
But she’ll replenish them with work
From California Cove.

Too bad a minion in the crew
Has had enough of this
He hands the queen some poisoned wine
And seals it with a kiss

She flashes her shameless smirk
And downs the wine with flair
And says, “I’ll never be arrested–
Nobody would dare!”

And as she chokes and gasps
Her terror and panic grow:
“I should have told the truth
About California Cove.”

The pirate-profiteers hoist flags
Along the river bank:
“We’re only here for gold, you louts,
When tough, we’ll break ranks.”

Some ask them for their balance sheet
They plunge into a funk:
“If you invade our privacy
We’ll put you in a trunk.”

The Cave Men greet confusing men
Who play their puppet shows
And keep Tom Paine in heavy chains
At California Cove

Darth Vader types the false flag scripts
His lackies carry out
And he eliminates the fools
Who harbor righteous doubts

Storm troopers come in force to drag
Off those who have switched sides
“You must remain in Darth’s plantation
Or we will tan your hide.”

The humble people in their fog
Don’t know which way to go
So Cave Men sneer and keep control
At California Cove.

Bonnie and Clyde’s machine guns
Have rusted in a heap
While they formed a foundation
To pillage sleeping sheep

“Honor? Integrity?
Those are for little folks.
We’re masters of the world,”
A Naked Cave man spoke.

Funny how planes smoke and crash
When people get too close
Funny about the accidents
From California Cove.

Hannibal Lector’s on the loose
To grab a tasty bite
At Jimmy’s pizzeria
Where news anchors alight

Gordon Gekko works the phones
He’s shorted casino stock
Travis Bickle, wearing suit and tie,
Works with him round the clock

The Joker says he’ll bomb a building
To punish those in the know
And Dr. Downer joins him
At California Cove.

Norman Bates runs in the shower stall
A butcher knife in hand
And Ellen Ripley slams his groin
Into his thyroid gland

And Atticus is standing up,
A prosecutor now,
With his unsealed indictments
He’ll drive the justice plow

The Power Boys, like cornered rats,
Will bite to overthrow
The people’s choice and champ
At California Cove

Benedict Arnold in crosshairs
Behaves like he’s on meth
In the sewers and cesspools
The nameless songbird fakes his death

Mr. Potter now owns the town
Foreclosing on each one
Robin Hood shoots him with arrows
Because he owns no gun

The Cave Men party through the night
The Robber Barons gloat
Rape victims have nowhere to go
At California Cove

Tom Paine has started a storm
Ben Franklin flies a kite
The villagers awaken
The dawning of the light

And Harry Callahan has chased
The crooks from pole to pole
And when he cocks his forty-four
He knows they’ve sold their souls.

The moon is blood, the stars go out,
Hawaiian lava flows
And no one worships God
At California Cove

~Day Williams

Youtube Shrink

Youtube Shrink

I’m here for free, your youtube shrink
Expert in modern doublethink
You drive your people to the brink
Your armor has a host of chinks

You didn’t sing all words to a song
You’re neurologically wrong
My manual says you meet each prong
And you’re demented as King Kong

I am the shrink
In one look I know
That you can’t think
And have to go

Criteria in DSM
Says you are ill in your brain stem
See specialists in businessmen
Then take a trip to Bethlehem

I went for th’other candidate
Because you harbor too much hate
CNN tells me you’re third-rate
And you have too much body weight

I am the shrink
In one look I know
That you can’t think
And have to go

Political views make no diff
I can interpret hieroglyphs
I recommend you take a skiff
To Grand Canyon and jump off a cliff

And when you’re gone I’ll diagnose
Your family from feet to nose
I’ll judge your son by highs and lows
I’ll judge your wife by model clothes

I am the shrink
In one look I know
That you can’t think
And have to go



The Return of Q

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 1c1fb4 No.6959111
Jul 8 2019 20:25:41 (EST)WE ARE WITH YOU!
3376Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 1c1fb4 No.6959054
Jul 8 2019 20:23:45 (EST)Anon ID: 26eb0e No.6958954
Jul 8 2019 20:20:15 (EST)









WOW. They best leave our Patriots Sara and SOL alone… FOX:
Former FBI official: Indictment of Jeffrey Epstein is ‘placeholder,’ expect dozens more charges in near future
Placeholder population start Aug 2019
3375Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 1c1fb4 No.6959028
Jul 8 2019 20:22:37 (EST)Anonymous ID: f4381a No.6958950
Jul 8 2019 20:20:04 (EST)>>6958844
How the heck were they allowed to do it this long? Holy smokes. F_I? C_A?
Disguised under the ‘leaker’ target program.
3374Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 1c1fb4 No.6958937
Jul 8 2019 20:19:36 (EST)Anonymous ID: 84fc7c No.6958904
Jul 8 2019 20:18:27 (EST)>>6958844

Hannity just “Dropped the pen” again, using a very artificial tone

“follow the pen”. Hannity was talking directly to us.
Haven’t you figured it out by now?
3373Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 1c1fb4 No.6958844
Jul 8 2019 20:16:05 (EST)SURV of SC/JS terminated.
Sleep well.
3372Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 3a5b2b No.6958686
Jul 8 2019 20:09:50 (EST)FLYNN news coming.
3371Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 3a5b2b No.6958634
Jul 8 2019 20:07:51 (EST)Anonymous ID: 3eda36 No.6958589
Jul 8 2019 20:06:33 (EST)

Trust Sessions.png


Sometimes you need to ‘take one for the team publicly’ before you are vindicated as a hero.
3370Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 3a5b2b No.6958560
Jul 8 2019 20:05:13 (EST)Anonymous ID: 997ce8 No.6958495
Jul 8 2019 20:02:03 (EST)>>6958461
You guys dropping real vids along with indictments helps a lot with overcoming that!
Sessions began the Epstein investigation. When that is revealed those who doubted may see the light.
The wheels of Justice turn slow but when they turn they are powerful.
10x speed now underway.
We are back online (Pelosi attempted block).
3369Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 3a5b2b No.6958461
Jul 8 2019 20:00:01 (EST)
The job of the media (90% owned by 6 corporations) is not to inform the public of TRUTH (using facts), but to con the public using falsehoods and opinion to paint a narrative that is designed to ‘keep the sheep in-line’ in order to maintain control and regain power.
3368Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a3c624 No.6957707
Jul 8 2019 19:17:37 (EST)July2019.jpg

3367Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a58fe2 No.6957153
Jul 8 2019 18:46:13 (EST)D-_Yr5NWwAAoMrY.jpg-large.jpg

How deep is the rabbit hole?
3366Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a58fe2 No.6956798
Jul 8 2019 18:33:03 (EST)Les Wexner.
Founder of Victoria’s Secret.
Connect the dots.
3365Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 037243 No.6956307
Jul 8 2019 18:11:35 (EST)Anonymous ID: 5e4a4d No.6956274
Jul 8 2019 18:10:30 (EST)



3364Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 037243 No.6956248
Jul 8 2019 18:09:44 (EST)Anonymous ID: 5a31ca No.6956101
Jul 8 2019 18:04:17 (EST)



What happens when Loretta Lynch can no longer provide legal cover for the Clinton’s?
Tarmac meetings_END
3363Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 037243 No.6956073
Jul 8 2019 18:03:27 (EST)ChatterHealthBC.jpg
Does this single picture of BC on Epstein’s plane w/ RC refute his entire statement?
FAKE NEWS disinformation campaign FAILING.
3362Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 24106a No.6955650
Jul 8 2019 17:45:27 (EST)
Connect the dots.
3361Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 24106a No.6955571
Jul 8 2019 17:43:15 (EST)Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 24106a No.6955485
Jul 8 2019 17:40:18 (EST)





Worth remembering.
Many were disappointed w/ H report when released.
Just because the ‘public’ isn’t aware of something……
3360Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 24106a No.6955485
Jul 8 2019 17:40:18 (EST)D2CDSCGW0AAfjM3.jpg


Worth remembering.
3359Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 24106a No.6955135
Jul 8 2019 17:28:19 (EST)Anonymous ID: c456bc No.6955098
Jul 8 2019 17:27:13 (EST)



3358Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 24106a No.6955090
Jul 8 2019 17:26:59 (EST)
You didn’t think all this research tasking was for nothing did you?