Who Am I?

Matt Couch  🎙‏ @RealMattCouch

I was murdered 3 years ago tomorrow…. Shot in the torso multiple times.. I worked for the DNC.. They’re again blaming Russia.. They called it a botched robbery… Nothing was taken.. I still had my cash, phone, wallet, credit cards, watch, necklace… Who am I?

Can You, O Man?

Can you, O man,
create a universe, an elephant or flea?
Can you, woman,
Read minds from here to eternity?
Can you, O man,
put rings ‘round Saturn
or form a baby’s ears?
Can you, woman,
Foretell tomorrow’s deeds,
Live longer than two hundred years?

Can you, O man,
Answer the riddles I have put in place?
Can you, woman,
Feel the deer’s heartbeat when he’s chased?

Why do you, man and woman,
Live like your lives are all your own?
When will you bend your knees to my throne?

You wait and hesitate and try to cheat
When you don’t know the day your heart won’t beat.

My arms are strong, and tender, too,
And how they long to hold you
My arms are open
The road is narrow, straight,
You’re welcome here
Why, oh why do you wait?
Do you not want to see
The Riches inside my gate?

~Day Williams