Socialism belongs in the dustbin of history

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The White House • October 23, 2018

Socialism belongs in the dustbin of history

With the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth, socialism is making a comeback in America. Democrats used to accuse Republicans of fear-mongering when they called out certain far-left policy ideas as “socialist.” Now, a growing number of Democrats are wearing the label as a badge of honor.

American socialists may imagine their proposals mirror those in Northern European countries such as Sweden and Norway. In reality, ideas along the lines of “Medicare for All” have more in common with economists’ traditional definition of socialism. The record of countries who have experimented with those types of command-and-control systems is devastating: Maoist China, the Soviet Union, and Venezuela among them.

Something to share: Socialism has a long legacy of failure across the world.

The sky-high taxes needed to fund “Medicare for All” alone, for example, would lead to a staggering $17,000 drop in household incomes after taxes and healthcare expenditures—a 19 percent decline. Without taxing American workers, funding this radical plan would require cuts to half of the Federal budget, wrecking Medicaid, Social Security, and traditional Medicare in the process.

Socialist policies have failed across the world wherever they are tested. They have no place in the United States of America.

Get the facts: What Democrats will take from you to push their socialist agenda.

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Thomas Paine had more Common Sense than Karl Marx.


Jezebel’s Chant

Cool earth, hot water fevered in cauldrons’ space,
White flames, dog’s eyes, shine on my painted face,
Dim, moon; grasp, earth; roar, winds; disturb the seers,
White blazes, dogs unleashed, unlock Baal’s spears,
Flash in nights, dogs, sink fangs in enemies,
Unearth sweet corpses; spread their disease:

Let not the prophet come
Before he’s been struck dumb,
Prophet who acts like a boss,
May my spells spell his loss,
My power shall increase,
He and his God shall cease.

~Day Williams

Day Williams created this graphic depiction of his Bible-based poem.

Pride Strides Before a Fall

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Purple haired anti-Trump U.S. women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe appears to be getting more insufferable by the day after she was caught on video ranting “I deserve this” while holding the World Cup trophy. Nothing like being humble in victory.

Pride Strides

Pride strides before a fall
And anger ends in groans;
Gluttony builds butterballs
And envy rots the bones.

Greed leads to endless pits,
Vanity tempts man to waste,
Sloth destroys the well-built home,
And lust, loving self, makes haste.
~Day Williams

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel says the FBI and CIA should investigate Google

“Number one, how many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated your Manhattan Project for AI (artificial intelligence)?” Thiel reportedly asked. “Number two, does Google’s senior management consider itself to have been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence?”

He said those questions “need to be asked by the FBI, by the CIA.”