Some work for State,
Some, CIA,
They thrive on wars,
And Trump they hate.

Paid well to lie,
Deflect, divert,
The Presstitutes
Aim to subvert.

~Day Williams

Don’t believe the nightly propaganda!

Let’s have an honest investigation of Seth Rich’s murder

George Webb named

Seth’s murderer;

Go get him, cops,

With no detours.

~Day Williams

Replying to 

Why were you at the hospital the night Seth Rich was murdered?

  1. The Dems have done their best to make Seth Rich a conspiracy story. The facts remain there are many unanswered questions & a bizarre reluctance on the part of authorities to investigate or discuss his death.

    4 Unanswered Questions Surrounding Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich

WikiLeaks releases direct messages from Hacker Guccifer_2 …. admitting that his “WhistleBlower” was named Seth —

Here is your “RUSSIAN HACKER” folks – Seth Rich – Former DNC staffer – Found DEAD
Can we finally get some JUSTICE here?…

In Freedom

(Isaiah 65:17)
In Freedom

In freedom we
Will see Christ reign:
No tragedies,
No tears, no pain.

~Day Williams