Modern Art

Much modern art (movies, paintings, literature) consists of a pathetic, futile attempt to replace God with something else.

TobyMac – The Elements (Official Music Video)

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8 months ago

Every one of us is facing the elements… things that are trying to keep us from being who we want to be or who we are called to be… the friend we want to be, the sibling we want to be, the spouse we want to be, the parent we want to be, the person of community we want to be, and ultimately the believer we want to be… Facing these elements that are trying to stumble us or change our course is what we must be aware of, what we must fight daily. This crazy world comes hard against us. It makes us want to look after ourselves, not others. It makes us want to retreat, not step into calling. We have to wake up every morning with a steadfast resolve to fight the elements.